Praying to Mohammed as you would a saint


There is nothing wrong at all with privately asking for the intercession of anyone you believe to be a saint, whether this person has been canonized, is promoted or disliked by Western society, has committed sins (as everyone has), has believed heresies (Mohammed not being baptized as far as I know, could not be a heretic), or for any other reason whatsoever. After all, “I, if I be exalted from the earth, will draw all things to my self.” Declaring that someone is in the condition of hell is rather the sin. Also, Allah is the God of the bible as well as the Quran. (See the book of Ezra in original Aramaic.) Public invocation of saints today requires the approval of the church.


You can ask the intercession of anyone you reasonably believe is in heaven.

If you reasonably think Mohammed is in heaven, then you can ask for his intercession, basically ask him to pray to God in support of your request. Same for Buddha.

You are getting on shaky ground though when you are praying to Mohammed for stuff involving “his followers”. Mohammed is a false prophet and you making this prayer sounds like you are giving him some sort of pride of place that he has “followers”, when really the only prophet anyone should be following is Our Lord Jesus Christ. You want to be careful about invoking false prophets.

I would suggest that in the future you direct such prayers to Jesus or Mary instead. It’s safer.

I would also suggest that if you are prone to scrupulosity, you be careful about asking these types of questions on the forum as the answers might worsen your condition.


If someone reasonably think that such characters are in Heaven, someone reasonably have small knowledge about the Faith.


I wouldn’t be praying to Mohammad anymore than I would Martin Luther.


We may pray to the same God, but Muhammad’s ideas about God are significantly different from Christian and Jewish traditions. I have read about the life of Muhammad as well as parts of the Quran and hadith (his sayings). We may believe that there is respect for “the people of the book.” But honestly, the belief is that Christians will burn in hell for attributing partners to God, i.e. believing in the divinity of Our Lord. That statement is directed at Christians, because we believe in the Holy Trinity. There’s lots more I could say more. But I want just wanted to lay out some facts. God loves all people and wishes that none be lost.

Asking the Blessed Mother to pray for the peace and repentance of Muslims would be a great thing to do. Mary always leads us to her son. “Do anything he says.”


The Vatican put Martin Luther on a stamp, just like they did with St. Francis de Sales…


Muhammed is not the Muslim God.


If Mohammed were in heaven, he would be a Catholic saint. One may ask for the intersession of anyone who’s soul they believe to be in heaven.

Mohammed will never be canonized, recognized publicly as saint for obvious reasons, but that is a different matter.


Why on earth would any Catholic want to pray to Mohammed instead of the saints we KNOW are there?

The problem I have with the idea of any Catholic praying to Mohammed is that in my mind it goes along with the spirit that one religion is as good as another, when they are not.


Perhaps the person is a convert who grew up Islamic and with the idea that Mohammed was a good person. Perhaps they have friends who think Mohammed was a good person.
Perhaps they have read about Mohammed and like him, or feel empathy for him in some way.

Since Mohammed is not a canonized saint in the Catholic Church,we will never have public prayer to him - he won’t ever have a feast day, or a published novena prayer, etc. So if some Catholic privately wants to ask the intercession of Mohammed or of their dead grandpa, you’ll never know about it. It will be their own private prayer, and shouldn’t bother you, as it will give no impression of the Church to anyone, being a private and personal prayer. The only reason we are even discussing it is because someone asked the question on the thread.


True, someone’s prayer and situation is ultimately between them and God.

I’m just explaining why I would not be comfortable with the idea – expressed outwardly.


I understand. I probably would not pray to Mohammed either. But then again I am not from any cultural background where Islam would be part of the culture.

I can see better praying to Buddha because he seemed like a peaceful and ethical man. Also, he lived before Christ as well as in a geographically remote area from the Jewish people, so there is no way he could have been a follower of Christ or a member of the Jewish Chosen People.


A Catholic may have a private devotion to any person they believe to be in heaven. If they are in heaven, it means they were saved through Christ’s sacrifice. Mohammed may be an extreme example, but absent religious indifference it is not and cannot be sinful to be privately devoted to any soul one earnestly believes was saved through the grace of Christ’s cross.

This is not academic; every modern canonized saint was once the subject of private devotion. Only when the privately sought intersessions of a saint are twice recognized as miraculously granted is the saint elevated to the canon for public devotion.


It is better to think of yourself to ensure your life hereafter in heaven, not hell.


And his statue was displayed in a place of honor during a meeting with protestants… the statue of an
excommunicated man who burned the Papal bull.
The fruits of Vatican II.


Yeah don’t pray to that dude.


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