Praying to others besides "God"


When catholics pray to others…ir Mary,saints, relatives. how do they know they can hear their prayers? Is this in the bible? If so please reference it.

Why is this a monotheistic religion?


This should more than answer your question.


Psalms 148: Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord from heaven, you that live in the heights above. 2 Praise him, all his angels, all his heavenly armies.


we don’t pray to anyone but God (or at least we shouldn’t - although people do get confused on this point)
we revere Mary, and ask her to pray for us
I don’t ask the saints to pray for me personally but the same principle applies
I think the reference is in the Deutero-Canonical books which I’m not very familiar with yet
it is an area which I had to tackle coming from a Pentecostal tradition which is of course very against such things


hola Jedda

intercession is a different form of prayer. in Catholicism there are different kinds of prayer and worship (including adoration) which other religions do not have, although i know muslims practice something called tawassul which is similar to our intercession.

prayer is communication with heaven in Genesis the definition of prayer is “to Call up,” anybody who we address in heaven will hear our plea through prayer. it is most common to address God but you may also address other people to address God on your behalf (intercession)

intercession is when you ask somebody else to pray on your behalf. this can be anybody from a kind coworker living here, on earth, or to a saint who lived 700 years ago. when it is somebody who is alive then you simply ask them in person to pray to God on your behalf, or to be with you for support. i am sure you have experienced this before. when it is a saint who lived 700 years ago you must address them where they are, which means communication with heaven and that is only done through prayer. then you ask the saint to pray (to God) on your behalf or be with you through your struggle for support.

que Dios te bendiga


You can call it what ever you wish, but it is still parying to them.


Well you are going to have to give up your daily conversations with friends and relatives since talking to them is praying to them. You can call it what ever you wish, but us is still parying to your friends and relatives and associates…


They are not dead…so nice try!
Did Jesus pray to his grandfather or Adam?
Where is this unbreakable connection talked about in the bible?


parrying? that’s what you do with a sword isn’t it
your contribution is noted, but it doesn’t get us anywhere
you Muslims pray to “Muhammad” and worship him - a nice tit-for-tat for you


What are those quotes supposed to prove?
Just because Paul wanted him family to pray for him? that is kind of different than getting on your knees and praying to him.


I have to admit Muslims NEVER pray/ (ask things of dead people) to Muhammad, just Allah/god.


well they mention his name next to Allah 5 times a day…
it’s at least as close to praying to him as Catholics are to praying to Mary and the saints, if not more, that is my point


No, they are asking God to bless him, because he is the “last”.


and my point remains…
if you criticise one, it’s difficult not to criticise the other


The problem lies in the word prayer, which has come to have a more limited meaning than it did in the past. When I was in law school the part of the pleading where you ask for what you want was called the “prayer for relief.” Now, no one ever . thought you were praying to the judge for your outcome. It simply meant a request.

The intercession of the saints is the same concept. It is a REQUEST (prayer) that they pray for us, just as we might ask friends to pray for us.


Is that supposed to be your answer to praying to dead people?


hola Jedda,

that is what certain smaller sects of islam believe… like wahabis who do the most proselytising (you were probably told about islam by a wahabi) mainstream islam practises something called “Tawassul” which is defined as ““Supplicating Allah by means of an intermediary, whether it be a living person, dead person, a good deed, or a name or Attribute of Allah Most High””

that is also the Catholic definition of intercession… almost verbatim.

there are actually many things about islam that are so similar to Catholicism… but wahabis do not tell non muslims these things.

you might have heard of something mainstream muslims believe in called ‘tawhid’ which is a muslim doctrine about the nature of God… like our Trinity doctrine. just like the Holy Trinity with the bible you will not see the word ‘tawhid’ “oneness” anywhere in the quran, it is made up of two words. and the tawhid doctrine is not defined anywhere in the quran… it is interpolated from various different places, like Trinity. but the lack of tawhids presence in the quran and the fact it is actually a manmade interpolated doctrine is not discussed by wahabis.

wahabi and salafi muslims do not teach these things about intercession or their oneness doctrine (they have a different tawhid doctrine than mainstream islam) as well as other important things because they are so strikingly similar to Catholicism it would be impossible for them to argue Catholicism is wrong…

similarity is what extremists fear the most…

Dominus Vobiscum


that’s a complex question
if you ask a proper question, you might get an answer


But you are talking (or what ever) to dead people, people who are in heaven or hell … There is a difference. Where is it said we have such a connection to them?


Back to the original Question.

Can anyone answer this?

I guess you dont have a answer…so why do you do it then?

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