Praying to Saints for protection and comfort

Is it wrong to pray to Saints for protection and comfort? Ive seen many prayers say “please protect us as we…” or " Comfort is in our afflictions" or “grant peace and hope to all” among other things. What do you think?

That’s what the communion of saints is all about. The saint will place your petition before the Lord no matter how you phrase it so go ahead and pray away with confidence.

I don’t think it’s wrong if anyone wants to do it but I personally don’t. I mean if I can pray straight to God why should I pray to Saints. I feel no personal connection. I rather pray to our heavenly Father and Mother Mary. Just my opinion.

No, It is fine to do this. As boomerang indicated in her post, this is what the communion of saints is about. I ask the saints for their intercession all of the time. I have certain saints that I ask to intercede for me, on my behalf, to God. It would be like asking someone here on Earth, to pray for you, on your behalf. :slight_smile:

No Saint (not even our Blessed Mother) has the inherent ability to protect or comfort anyone.

When we ask Saints for favors, we should not imagine that the Saint has any supernatural ability to grant those favors. Such ability is limited to God alone, and we should all understand this. When we ask Saints for favors, it is really a type of shorthand to ask the Saint to pray on our behalf. We have reason to be confident in the effectiveness of a Saint’s prayer:

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. [James 5:16, NIV]

Your contradicting yourself.

You ask why should you pray to the Saints, then you say you pray to the Saints (like Saint Mary).

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