Praying to Saints

For starters, dont worry, its a safe question. Its about the mechanics of praying to saints…

Anyway. While I whole heartidly believe the saints can hear us, the mechanics of it have always escaped me. So, Ive been doing reading and have sorta detirmined the following : PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG. This is mearely speculation on my part and was curious how the Church would view this understanding…

Before you can understand my logic, you have to take a leap in understanding of how time works. my understanding can easily wrap people heads because it appears to deal with causality paradoxes. (in other words, you need to be able to understadn the pardox of if I go back and kill my granddad before my dad was born, how did i go back and kill him.)

To answer these paradoxes is simple… If you tried to back in time to kill your Grand dad, you will fail,How do you knw this? because you were alive to attempt it.

Anyway… so, here is my understanding.

For starters it deals with the biblical idea that heaven and all its contents are outside of time…

So… lets say a man at the age of 35 prays to saint X asking him for prayerful aide in helping him deal with a terminal illness. Soon after, he begins to be able cope with his impending death and in a way feels free in knowing he will soon be with God. This man attributes this to an answering of his prayer with saint X.

the man still lives many years with th illness and dies at the age of 72. Upon judgement all of his deads, thoughts and actions are proclaimed for all to hear and know. This is biblical, though cant rememebr the verse. During this proclomation, Saint X hears the prayer the man requested of him when the man was 35. Knowing that God is outside of Time, He goes to god and says My Lord, this man whom you ahve jsut allowed into heaven asked me to pray for him when he was 35. He was having trouble dealing with an illness he contracted and wanted me to ask you to help him.

God, hearing this, thanks Saint X and then (since he is outside of time) goes to the man while he was still 35 and whispers to him in a dream. “Do not fear my child, continue to follow me as you have in the past and I assure you that you will be with me in heaven”

Any thoughts? Correct me if my view is wrong… I do not wish to follow erronous interpretations… even my own

To each of you in christ

As a side note, wouldnt this also satisfy protestant claims that praying with the saints is bad?

In Christ

Maybe I am reading your post wrong but there seems to be some confusion between private and public judgement. The way I read your post is that you think that saint X isn’t in heaven until the public judgement at the end of time, whereas the Church teaches that the saint is in heaven after their immediate private judgement after their death. (at least that is my understanding)

If the Saints didn’t hear and intercede for our prayers until the end of time then we could easily carry the paradox further and say that one could pray to himself because when this person is in heaven he could hear his own prayer and retroactively intercede on his own behalf.

sorry for any confusion, I know its a little wierd…

No, saint is already in heaven. We are also not talking about pblic judgement, but private. Also, He cannot pray to himself at the time he makes the prayer, he is not yet sure he will be in heaven at as death…

Hope that helps

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