Praying to the dead


Is it acceptable to pray to the deceased - ones not canonized? Say you knew someone, Gramma or Granpa or ? that you thought were pretty holy. Could you pray to them as if they were saints?

On the one hand I think there’s no harm. Nowhere does the Church insist that only those canonized are the ones who “made it”. And the feast of “All Saints” implies that there are other saints not named in the Canon.

But on the other hand, if they were in Hell, could this be opening the door to Satan? I mean, there are demons that go by names, and invoking the name of a demon could be dangerous. So if your grandpa really ended up in Hell, could praying to him be dangerous?


It is quite acceptable to ask for prayers of ANYONE - whether you know them to be good people or in Heaven!

If they have put themselves outside of God’s Love (that is, in Hell), then asking for their prayers won’t do any harm, as they are in Hell - they can’t hear you!


There is nothing in Catholic doctrine to prevent this practice. Just don’t forget to pray for the souls in Purgatory!

You won’t open yourself up to demonic activity by accident; it requires an act of the will. Sin is much much worse than anything the demons can do to us, anyway.


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