Praying to the knights templar


is this acceptable? the prayer i made for it is for the same thing as when you pray to saint micheal the archangel. well, my templar prayer goes like this: “oh holy guardians of the one true roman catholic church, for whom you were called to serve, and for whom you died, pick up your blades once more and stand by my side in the darkness that is to come. amen”

is this ok?


I suppose it’s alright:shrug:

But there has to be something generally less controversial than the Knights Templar. I think I understand your intention in this prayer, but I think there are better ideas out there.:shrug:


praying to the knights templar

Eh, I don’t know if that’s quite kosher. It would be perfectly fine to ask the intercession of any Knights who may be saints or in purgatory, which is what your prayer does, but organizations as such are not saints. It might be more correct to describe your prayer as a prayer to the saints and holy souls who were Knights.


could i have a list of them and an example of a prayer to one? thanks


I don’t know any of their names. It is fine to pray to them in a general sense, as long as one keeps in mind that it the saints and holy souls one is addressing, not the organization.


oh yes, of course. i am very very passionate about the knights templar. i cant really explain it. every time i think of them…i get willpower beyond measure-i can resist any temptation. yes i know that i am addressing the souls of the knights, whenever i pray my prayer to them, i envision them all around me, wielding heavenly blades.


If you are praying for the degree of the masons called Knights Templar…

Are you trying to get us to pray as well?


what exactly is that supposed to mean?


I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure the OP is asking for the assistance of those who have struggled and, with the help of the Lord, succeeded against the evil that attacks their souls and those around them.

The knights may have been controversial, but I think that’s because they trusted those who were untrustworthy. Although I haven’t read a great deal about them, maybe a book or two, I didn’t see any evils that they committed. They seemed to be a group of spiritual soldiers who looked to God first. Of course, there are probably exceptions, but where is that not the case.

And, no, the Free Masons did NOT evolve from the Knights Templar. That’s about as outrageous as some of our Protestant Faiths, i.e. the Church of Christ, that claim that they are the true Church that Christ built and had to go underground after Constantine’s persecution of theirs until the late 1800’s.

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.


Why pray to the Knights Templar when St. Michael the Archangel is a virtual guaranteed intercessor of greater quality? Look at his chaplet. We pray it perpetually here.


The Modern Knights Templar are masons…and
Therefore the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.

That’s why I say involvement in Knights Templar is prohibited by the Catholic Church.

More information:Irreconcilability between Christian Faith and Freemasonry - Reflections a Year After Declaration of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith


Stbruno, where does the Church make the claim that the freemasons are the modern derivative of the Knights.

I haven’t seen this connection made, other than a false belief by the masons to be of the same organization

or you can try this one too.
This is their own website. My neighbor’s son just was “elevated or knighted” to the Knights Templar last week and he is an active participating mason.


If I were to “elevate” or otherwise declare myself to be a Founding Father of the United States, this would not make me one other than in my fantasy. Likewise, the only connection between the historical Knights Templar and the Masons is the latter’s fantasies.


Fact is, they are known as the modern Knights Templar and they are masons. I didn’t make that up.


NO. The fact is they **claim **to be the modern knights and they are masons.

That is as far as the connection goes.

Let me ask you stbruno. Are the Church of Christ today the same Church of the New Covenant that is talked about in Acts?

That is what they claim to be, so does this make it so.


You are changing the subject. The subject is the Knights Templar. Praying to the Knights Templar that exist today, is not going to happen by me.


I would read more about the original Knights Templar before deciding to pray to them.

Remember, their final demise placed alot of doubt about their dedication to the Pope, Christianity, or their true mission. They were accused of much heretical behavior, especailly in their initiations. It was the Pope himself, along with the French King Phillip, that tried them and put many to death or in prison for life. Whether they were properly prosecuted for being heretics , or were prosecuted to get rid of them because the King owed them alot of money or there power was becoming to great is still up in the air, and we will probably never know if they were tried rightiously.

So the many doubts that linger over their demise, would make me reconsider my thoughts on praying to them…

And yes, the Freemason’s have a degree ceremony called the Knights Templar…


Actually he is staying right on topic. His method of argumentation is known as reductio ad absurdum, whereby he adopts the logic that you use, shows the absurd conclusions that follow from this logic, and thereby demonstrates the unreliability of your argument.

To wit:
You assert that the Masons are modern Templar Knights because they claim to be. For this to be a valid argument, you must presuppose that “if some organization claims to derive from another more ancient one, then it legitimately becomes the modern version of that ancient organization.” But given that, a Protestant community that claims to be the Church of Christ would automatically become the modern Church of Christ, which is clearly not the case. Thus, your claim that Masons are modern Templar Knights presupposes an invalid form of logic, which means you have not clearly demonstrated that Masons are modern Templars.

To show a perspective radically different from your claims, I humbly submit:


Nobody is claiming that they are praying to the group that claims to be the Knights Templar today.

The masons are a joke for claiming that they are today’s Knights Templars. This is an insult to the original group,.

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