Praying to the Prophets?


Can we pray to the prophets like Moses, Abraham, and such? Are they part of the communion of saints? Are they in heaven?


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Wikipedia’s article Abraham in the Catholic Liturgy mentions that Abraham’s feast day in the Roman Martryology is October 9 and includes a short prayer to him (and to Abel, whom Cain murdered,) from the Roman Ritual’s Liturgy for the Dying.

Moses’ feast day in the Roman Martyrology is September 4.

If I have read the Latin correctly, other Old Testament prophets in the Roman Martyrology include:

Malachi (January 14);
Habakkuk and Micah (January 15);
Amos (March 31);
Ezechiel (April 10);
Jeremiah (May 1);
Job (May 10);
Elisha (June 14);
Hosea and Haggai (July 4);
Isaiah (July 6);
Joel & Ezra (July 13);
Elijah (July 20);
Daniel (July 21);
Samuel (August 20);
Zechariah (September 6);
Jonah (September 21);
Obadiah (November 19);
Nahum (December 1);
Zephaniah (December 3);
David (December 29).


Here’s a link to a Litany to the Old Testament Saints.


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