Praying to the saints question

What Saint should I pray for to get a high school acceptance letter?


You pray for saints so they can help you increase your faith, hope and love of God.

Martin de Porres is the patron saint of education.


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here’s a prayer he himself wrote, addressing God as the source of all knowledge.

Creator of all things, true source of light and wisdom, origin of all being, graciously let a ray of your light penetrate the darkness of my understanding.

Take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, an obscurity of sin and ignorance.

Give me a keen understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally.

Grant me the talent of being exact in my explanations and the ability to express myself with thoroughness and charm.

Point out the beginning, direct the progress, and help in the completion. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


You can pray to any saint you wish. St. Martin de Porres is a good one. I’d also suggest St. John Bosco since he worked so hard at educating young people.

You can also ask your confirmation saint or patron saint or name saint, and don’t forget to ask Mary and Joseph.

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Pray to any of the Saints you admire. Are you willing to accept the answer to you your prayers no matter what it may be? It might be yes, might be no, might be I have something greater in store for you.

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I suggest St Thomas Aquinas. He is a patron on education

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I’d say to pray to any saint associated with schooling/learning/students! Also pray to your patron saint and the Holy Spirit and ask for God’s Will to be done!
I hope this works out for you!!

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Yes, when I prayed for a school admission many years ago, I mentioned it to my confessor and he said, “If God wants you in that school, He will put you there.”
(In my case God did put me there but He took a really long time.)

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