Praying to The saints.


Hello everyone,
I was Just wondering if its ok to pray to different saints. I was watching this show on EWTN and they were talking about praying to saints. They stresed in this show that we should try to build a special releationship to one saint. That we should choose patron saint. I chose a patron saint when I was confirmed, But what I heard in this show made me wonder if I was praying correctly. The way I pray, I ask Different saints to help me out in different aspects of my life. My question is, Is the way I pray to saints wrong? Should I only devote myself to one saint?


I don’t. St. Francis is more or less my patron saint, as I try to live his rule of 1221. But I also pray to St. Philomena every morning, as I wear her cord. When I kneel in prayer, I ask St. Philomena to be on my right side and St. Mary Magdalene to be on my left side, kneeling with and praying along with me.

Plus other saints as needed, but those are the Big 3 in my life right now.

Remember, the sins of envy and pride do not exist in the saints.


I already know that the saints have no sins of pride and Envy… That’s not why I was asking. But from your answer, It seems that that is Ok. My patron saint is Saint Catherine of Siena, But I also pray to Saint Joseph, Saint Jude, And Saint Thomas Aquinas. I recently started to Pray to Saint Michael, because I struggle with temptation quiet often. Thanks For your input!:slight_smile:


I wish I could have all day long to pray for the intercession of all saints. I personally select several saints who are well known for a certain matter and ask for their intercession. Among the saints, I pick one as my patron saint.


I think you can have multiple patrons and pray to as many saints as you like. After all, they’re our spiritual family.


I believe the episode you are referring to talked about the fruits of focusing prayer with one Saint or patron Saint. It by no means said you shoudn’t pray to more than one. I think you are ok with what you are doing :thumbsup:


My patron is St. Michael.

I’ve recently struck up relationships with St. Raphael because of some health issues I’m having, and with St. Gabriel, because of some cell phone related issues I’m having (you’d think human beings could handle these types of problems, but noooooooo…)

I’ve been asking St. Gabriel to help me present the Gospel to some people whose conversion I’ve been praying- to St. Michael- for in a way that is loving and that they will be open to receive. When my elderly mother, who would probably have a fit if she knew I was referring to her as “elderly”, came down with a severe respiratory infection this week, I went to St. Raphael for help. (I also fasted for her on the day I took off work to look after her). She was better within a few hours, and is now quite ambulatory.

When one of my parakeets went into hiding in my room, I called in the troops- the Blessed Mother, St. Anthony, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Onofrio. (I know that sounds a bit extreme, but we just lost a bird last week, accidentally drowned in the bathtub, :frowning: so I was pretty worried).

I had searched the room thoroughly, and after I prayed to just about everyone, she came peeking out from under the folds of the cover of my parrot’s cage. A place I had already checked, but she was determined I wasn’t going to find her- I think she was annoyed at me because she wanted to play downstairs past her bedtime, and I had caught her and carried her back to my room quite against her will…

I have an icon of St. George in my icon corner. I don’t actually pray to him, but I like having him there. It kind of makes me feel protected (like Michael isn’t perfectly capable of looking after me.)


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