praying while driving

Hello folks,
For those of you who pray while driving, whether the rosary or anything else. Please stop. For those of you who tell others to pray while driving-pleas stop. It is a dangerous practice. I’ve heard several priests on ewtn mention that they pray while driving and offer it as a good time to pray. Not so. Pay attention to that huge piece of equipment you are in charge of. Make driving itself the prayer, but pay attention to the road and the multitude of hazards there.
How fruitful or deep can a prayer practice be if one is really paying attention to the task at hand-namely keeping yourself and others on the road safe. Blessings to all-pray and drive safe.

People can talk and drive at the same time without any danger, so can they pray and drive without any danger. Praying is just like talking, except it is to God and the Saints. God bless you.

Even talking to the passenger is a distraction. If you are busy reciting prayers your mind is not on your driving. This is particular true of the rosary which is repetitive. It can lull you into another dimension. Driving requires all you focus. Pray before you start driving. You will be safer. I had a friend who had a short prayer mounted on her dashboard which she said before she drove off. “Jesus, please keep me mindful of my responsibilities as a driver. Amen.”

I don’t think praying and driving at the same time are problematic. If you are, however, a person for whom this would be distracting I have to say you probably should not be driving at all. Really.

Now texting, and being on the cell phone…Hang up the phone now. I have seen droves of people crossing lines, running lights, swerving across lanes and literally coming to a stop while trying to text or talk on the phone. These are the folks that should lose their car when caught, let alone their phone.

I think to some degree it depends on how often you pray during regular activities on a normal basis. If you are new to praying the Rosary, doing so while driving probably isn’t the best idea. If you are not new to praying the Rosary, yet never do so while completing another task, combining the Rosary with laundry would probably be a safer option than while driving. It definitely takes a certain skill and level of multi-tasking. But the same can be said for driving and listening to a book on tape or an intense debate on talk radio. I appreciate the OP’s intention but it seems that it is up to each individual’s personal responsibility to determine whether they can safely and effectively pray while driving.

I will also add that during a long drive home several years ago I drove into ridiculously bad weather and there was no safe to place to pull off. I hadn’t prayed or gone to church in years, but found myself saying the Hail Mary repeatedly for about 25 or 30 very scary miles. If anything it seemed as though my concentration and ability increased. I certainly don’t credit myself for getting home safely that night.

I agree!

I think this is a matter of prudential judgement. Some people can multi-task far better than others. But yes, it’s something to consider.

We do need to be careful. It would be ironic to be committing at least a venial sin by praying, it seems.

Nope. Not stopping! :crossrc:

READY–“people can talk and drive at the same time without an danger…” Simply your opinion. Not based in fact all.
CRICKET2–“droves” Really? We see what we believe. What we can’t easily see are drivers talking to passengers, fussing with the radio, praying, etc. as they run red lights, cross over lines, etc.
JENNY35–"…each individuals personal responsibility to determine…" The same has probably been said at one time or another about texting and driving or even drinking and driving.
Happy and grateful you made it home safely that night and each night since. I’m sure one hail Mary would have sufficed. “…seemed as though my concentration and ability increased.”

 Sometimes on caf folks are looking for ways to deepen their prayer practice. Praying mindfully is a way to start to deepen the practice. Praying while driving, besides being dangerous is not a good way to deepen the practice. In order to do something, anything well we need to be present with the task, present with life. Multitasking is in my opinion overrated and often dangerous to ourselves and others. Folks are often wondering why they can't hear god or god doesn't answer them. It may well be that they can't hear god because of all the noise-internal and external. Mother Teresa said "Silence gives us a new outlook on everything." Be well-stay safe.

Isn’t it true that some time ago, Pope John Paul II declared speeding to be a sin?


Here is a quote from a young lady on a Taoist forum. Hope no one minds if I pass it along. “Becoming conscious of being unconscious is difficult work, and its not always perfect work. It is, however, very important work.” I also like Matthew 13:9. Stay safe.

Your entire OP is simply your opinion.

Know yourself. If the OP cannot drive and think of anything else at all at the same time, then just drive. For me, this is usually not possible. I’m always thinking about something while I drive, so why not pray? It also depends on road conditions and time of day. When I have the open road before me, I will pray the rosary, though not in a deeply meditative sort of way. In heavier traffic, I employ shorter prayers like, “Keep us safe on the road,” or “See us safely home.” I think this is a better choice than grooving along the radio or daydreaming, both of which I am also liable to do while driving. But I thank the OP for their concern.

I pray and drive all the time.
Sometimes silently inside my head…sometimes out loud, but I keep both hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road.
I’m driving a lot on/in very dangerous road conditions and situations, between Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.
My prayers usually fall into one of two categories, I pray for help, guidance and strength to get through tough conditions ,Ie., heavy rains on mountain roads or bad roads w/ heavy fog etc…OR… I pray for other drivers, ones that are driving badly ,often who have done something dangerous or so dangerously rude, so much so, for me to become angry, and maybe blurt out an obscenity…instead I blurt out a prayer… I think that’s helping two people at the same time.
I also,make the sign of the cross when passing a Church, conditions permitting, and sometimes will toss in a prayer.
I am a conservative driver and avoid distractions such as phones, not just because it’s against the law, but I know it’s beyond my limitations.
as such I wouldn’t attempt an actual Rosary,only a mental version.
I’m a big believer that those prayers many times werewhat allowed me to arrive alive.
I always liked the line from the western w/ Clint,“The Outlaw Josey Wales”; “A mans got to know his limitations”…If you can’t chew gum and walk…well don’t.

I believe driving requires undivided attention. I just got back from driving two weeks in Scotland, with narrow (sometimes single-track) roads, on the opposite side of the road, shifting a manual transmission car with my left, instead of right, hand. There is zero margin for error, as lanes are so narrow.

Here in Canada roads are wider, and consequently, discipline is far less than in the UK. Instead of having to be 100% attentive to the road, I have to be 100% attentive to others around me because invariably someone will pull off a boneheaded maneuver, stray from their lane, rush a yellow light, etc. I rarely even listen to the radio. Moreover I like to concentrate on smooth driving techniques to enhance fuel efficiency and that requires concentration, looking and thinking far ahead down the road, and anticipating what’s going to happen. I avoid tailgating like the plague (which helps when I myself am tailgated as it reduces my chances for a sudden stop that would catch the tailgater unawares).

I also rarely talk much in the car.

As drivers on the road age (myself included), I think we should instill good habits. I believe a task well-done offered up to God is prayer in itself. Make that your praying and driving.

I used to pray the Divine Mercy on my finger rosary on my way to work (now retired)…it never was a problem…even as a teenager when I got my license I was always aware of other drivers…road and weather conditions…wasn’t something I was taught…just part of my nature I guess…I’m sure many others are the same…so no…I feel very comfortable praying and being completely aware of my surroundings while driving:)

Greetings folks,
Interesting points of view from most of the posts whether in agreement with the original post or not. I came across a quote today that I believe sums up how I try to lead life daily whether driving, mowing, washing the dishes, etc. and I do mean try as the mind always wanders where it will.
“No matter how insignificant the thing you have to do, do it as well as you can, give it as much of your care and attention as you would give to the thing you regard as most important.” This was by Mahatma Gandhi.
So much of our day even our life is wasted by not being in the moment, by doing one thing at a time. How many times have you eaten a meal and when finished really don’t remember having really tasted the food? How many times have you driven or ridden somewhere and once you’ve arrived don’t remember the actual trip? Eat mindfully. Drive mindfully. Pray mindfully.
May you all be filled with loving kindness.
May you all be well.
May you all be peaceful and at ease.
May you all be happy.

OP, I respectfully disagree with you regarding praying the rosary while driving. I have been doing it for nine months now, and it has made me a more prayerful and more careful driver.

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