Praying while feeling down

I can pray just fine when I’m feeling all right, but when I’m feeling depressed, or angry, or sick, or anything like that, even when I try to pray, it seems empty and I never get any answers. I lose the ability to sense God, and so it feels like the emotional abyss I lived in 24/7 before I knew Him, on top of the suffering I’m already going through. Is there anything I can do about this, or is it just what happens in general?

I think its during these moments that we approach God / Our Lady in silence…I think it is those times that we need to listen and not to talk, so no need for words… When I am depressed or feeling down, or I have a million thoughts running through my mind which I can not verbalize… which so often happens, I simply google or look at a picture of our Lady or Jesus and stare at that for a couple of minutes… or better yet go to a church and chill out for a bit in silence… hope this helps. Trust me, this works as this is quite routine for me

Well, sometimes I simply thank God for the difficult times if they are a necessary part of my salvation, even if I don’t understand how.

There has been a series on EWTN called Living the Discerning Life which features Timothy Gallagher, OMI, a Missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate. I have found the parts of the series that I have been able to watch very helpful in explaining what St. Ignatius of Loyola would call Spiritual Desolation. Fr. Gallagher talks about using Ignatian Spirituality to understand these natural phases of Desolation and Consolation in our prayer lives.

Fear not, Spiritual Desolation is natural and necessary for deepening of our faith.

Another thing to research that I have seen discussed on Women of Grace is the Dark Night of the Soul – St. Therese of Liseaux, St. John of the Cross, and Blessed Theresa of Calcutta experienced Spiritual Dryness and periods of marked desolation. There is lots of material to read about that.

May God Be with you – and all of us – on our spiritual journey.


i think we all have those times–even when i am feeling ok–i find my mind wandering,etc.,etc…catholic on-line has Pope Benedict’s Christmas message…here are parts of it.
“Lord, come to save us…
by ourselves we cannot prevail over difficulties…the fact that we can cry to
heaven in this way…sets us aright”

now if only i can remember to say that ejaculation during the day—and in prayer!!!
hope this helps

When I am experiencing depression, it seems as if my prayers fail to even reach the ceiling, much less find their way to God. The only remedy that I know for this situation is to persist in praying through these times, hoping that I will emerge from the depression in a better state.

I also will sit in front of the host during eucharistic adoration and just empty my heart of all negative thoughts. It feels, at times like this, that I am having a conversation with Christ, who as we all know is present body, soul, and divinity in the host. This provides great relief for those times when depression darkens my mood.

I feel that the best things that I can do to hold depression at bay is to receive the eucharist daily and go frequently to confession.

I hope that this helps you.

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