Praying with a recording



What is your take on praying with an audio recording - maybe a rosary or litany on tape?


It’s a great idea to help one focus. I taped EWTN’s rosary and have used it often in off hours. You may not be old enough to remember this, but every night at 7:15 PM on the radio, before TV’s?, I used to pray the rosary while doing dishes. We have communion with the Body of Christ who are praying at that hour anywhere in the world, and are joined with them. Sometimes when I am late in saying the Liturgy of the Hours and it is no longer morning, I reflect that in another part of the world, it IS morning, and I mentally unite my prayer with theirs.


I see it like this. Sincere prayer, whether alone, in a group, with TV, radio or a recording is all the same. The key is the sincerity of it all. Pray always is the way to go. God love you.


No, I’m not old enough to remember no T.V. - but I do remember only having about a dozen or so channels on the dial. I remember our first wireless remote controller (I think it came with our first VHS player) and I remember getting a special box so we could have cable work with our T.V. that only had a dozen or so channels on the dial. :stuck_out_tongue:


I pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet while I drive using a CD.


No problems at all. I like either tuning out on the train or else snuggling down in bed for the night, with my chanted rosary playing on the mp3 player.

Mind you I do a lot of praying without as well - different experiences, both good, but in certain situations the recording really helps with the focus.


Lily, where did you get your chanted rosary recording? I’ve been wanting one for some time but have no idea where to look.

I’ve used spoken rosary recordings and sung Divine Mercy chaplet CD’s which help me to focus. I find the meditations are easier with a recording.


Grrr, used to be one online from the Monks of Adoration which now appears to be gone. It’s in English btw. If you want it I’d be happy to email you the mp3 file.


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