Praying with a Toddler/ Family Rosary not working!


SOTC = Stations of the Cross. Where you walk around to each station and pray (you could set them op inside or outside).


Here is an extensive listing of Catholic Children’s Bibles.


Oh these are both very neat suggestions. I try to mention Jesus in our daily lives but sometimes am not sure how to incorporate him…ironic huh, since he is EVERYWHERE. I will definitley try the suggestion by C2K2 since my little one is almost 17 months. He is so curious about bugs and any little black spec on the ground! And I had never though of SOTC in my own home. Thanks:thumbsup: !


:blush: I knew that. I figured it out the first time I saw it.

For the life of me this morning, I couldn’t figure it out. I think I read this before I had my cup of joe.

Can I count that as a pregnancy head moment?

OK, now back to the regularly scheduled thread…


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