Praying with an unsure conscience

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I have been wandering about this issue lately. Is it wrong to pray, for example the Rosary, when you have not yet repented of a sin? Often I am unsure if something I have done was a sin or not and I will promise myself to do a thorough discernment upon this later. It is left in something of a limbo. In the meantime, I pray the Rosary in other intentions. Lately I have been feeling that this is somehow wrong, that I should be approaching God and Our Lady with a clearer conscience. I hope this makes sense. Any input would be much appreciated. :frowning:

If you are often wondering if you have committed sins, you may have a problem with scruples. If so, get help.

In the meantime, a general heartfelt Act of Contrition takes care of everything - no need for details. You don’t want an uneasy feeling about sin to keep you from praying.

If we couldn’t pray while sinners I guess no one would pray. :eek:
Praying is important to repent of our sins.
Pray. By all means.

I have read that we should say an act of contrition prior to saying the Rosary, but confess I often forget to do so.

Pay more attention to the words you say in those prayers.
The prayers express truths and dispositions of our soul that we ask for.
E.g. Lead [us not into temptation] but [deliver us from evil].
That is meant to be what you are asking for yourself.
By “unsure conscience” you don’t mean that you want evil.
Rather, you must mean that you are unsure if you really mean what you say
to God.

I hope I realize that anything true and all things good come from God;
thus even though I say the words, it is really him who gives them meaning.
Perhaps you should also ask him to “magnify” your understanding.
Conceive of God anew with each word, with each intention to say a word, and each time
you start to think of Him.


“I believe, help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

John: 9; 31 " We know that God does not listen to sinners, but if one is devout, and does His will, He listens to him…" If the rosary and any prayer is said to remedy a moral evil (sin) , the answer is yes, the prayer is emphatically heard, salvation of our souls is God’s will, and primary. As I understand it, if one is in sin, don’t expect an answer to something less important, but to get one’s soul in the order of priorities. If there is complete doubt there is no sin, if there is some, it couldn’t be mortal, but perhaps venial. As suggested, a good act of contrition is adequate. To make a sin mortal there must be full knowledge, full consent, and a serious matter, any thing less is less that mortal. If doubt still remains, see a priest in confession.

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