Praying with burning incense


is it improper or immoral to pray while burning incense? I have prayed several times with a candle lit to represent the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and burn a stick of incese to symbolically raise my prayers to heaven. I have since began to wonder if this is something that should be more carefully performed or if a layman such as myself can use such items in prayer.


There’s nothing wrong with that. Burning incense or candles, in and of itself, is not a usurpation of the priest’s function. Besides, you’re doing this as a private devotion. The use of symbols in the way you are describing is as appropriate as making use of your body in prayer by kneeling or bowing one’s head. :thumbsup:

It’s a great idea.


Thanks DeFide! While on the subject of prayer, I’m a bit confused as to Rosary “requests”, but first a small testimony!

My family and I are relocating to the opposite side of the the state. I have been up there by myself and ahead of them for a couple months. Meanwhile we have been selling our house (and searching for a new one). Our house has been on the market since last March and has been slow to sell. I truly believed that we are meant to sell our home and relocate and that my family needs re-uniting ASAP for the sake of my 3 daughters (ages 1, 5 and 9) and our marriage.I hoped to soon glorify God more with my family and not by us being seperated and attending Church seperately (although, through communion I feel like I am at church with them…for they attend mass at the same time!). I had made a request for our reunion, selling of our home and finding of a new home via the Holy Rosary. At first it seemed to be a VERY shallow request, but as I kept praying, my requests had begun to unfold. (Until just recently, I prayed the Rosary frequently, but without any intention of request, but merely as a reflection of the Mysteries). Within a few days we had entered into a contract to sell with a serious buyer (still under contract) and found and entered a contract to buy a new home!

I have 2 small Rosary booklets, 1 in my company vehicle and the other in my small dorm-style room. I pray the Rosary while driving to work in the morning as a meditative and reflection measure on the way to work. I pray a more “serious” Rosary in the evening with deeper focus on the request. Is it wrong to pray the Rosary twice in a day? I would think not, but am not sure. Also, in the booklets that I have, I believe that requests are to be prayed for 9 days and only 9 days. Is this correct. I wish not to hinder our Blessed Mother, if one could “put it that way”.



Pray the rosary as often as you want / can. I think God would love for you to pray it more than once a day.

I would caution, however, to not look to the rosary as a “magic talisman” - not saying you do, just saying “con cuidad” - be careful. Remember what it is, and make whatever prayer request you would like, but understand that the primary purpose is to glorify God and bring us closer to Him. The power that is there clearly speaks for itself, but let us not “use” the rosary as a “tool” to get what we want - let us make sure it is a devotion, first and foremost.

Congratulations on your house! God is great! May the Blessed Mother keep you as her own!

May the Peace of our Lord be always with you,


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