Praying "with" Mother Angelica

I pray the rosary occasionally with Mother Angelica and the Sisters on EWTN. When I do that they say I am praying “with” the sisters, but if their prayer was recorded several years ago(which it was), how can I actually be praying with them.
Anyway, just a thought…

Since God is not bound by space or time, why should prayer be?

I pray “with” Fr. Mitch Pacwa!

:rolleyes: This is making my head hurt. I know God isn’t, but when we utter a prayer, it is still in space & time isn’t it? It’s just hard for me to imagine how I can be praying with someone when they prayed that prayer several years ago. In other words, I’m not acutally praying with them in the moment. It’s not actually like I’m praying with someone in the same room at the same time…

In the same way that you are AT Calvary in the Mass - even though THAT happened 2,000 years ago! Everything is an eternal present to God, no such thing as past or future. All events are simultaneous.

Thanks LilyM, It’s starting to sink in now…

Here’s God’s “clock” according to Spinoza:

So it doesn’t really matter when your prayers are in time, God is hearing every one of the prayers your have ever said, and will ever say right now.
Hope that helps.

Yours in Christ,

Thanks, With all your explanations I’m starting to feel like a real theologian. I get it now…

Don’t sprain your brain there - we’re temporal creatures, and though destined for eternity we ain’t there yet.

So not surprisingly we can’t readily grasp the concept.

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