Praying with non Catholics

Whenever we go “home”…the town I grew up in…we always go to my Church that I grew up in. My wife and kids always go with (and they really like it. We wanted to get married there but couldn’t). I’m sorry that some think that this is in some way wrong. If we weren’t going to pray together I’m not sure why the Catholic Church would have “allowed” us to get married in the first place… :man_shrugging:


I am glad that you are coming into the Church. There are, I am sure, other experiences like yours, it is just not the norm.

I am sure the bishop in your diocese will find some way for RCIA this fall, not sure where you are on your journey. ? but this is a great place to be.

God bless

I talked about this elsewhere on the forums, but it won’t be quick. I have a contract with my church I need to be able to buy out, and I also have to help my husband understand so he doesn’t walk out on me (he did threaten to).

Right now, it is a rather painful place to be, but that’s how it is.

Thank you very much ! :blush:

Yes, I can see where having a contract would makes things difficult.That wasn’t my issue when leaving protestantism but there were issues that needed dealt with and doors that needed closing.

The husband part is hard. I went through that also but with prayer and time he came along

Will keep you in my prayers…

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Thank you !

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I just saw I did not add “not” to my answer. I meant that I see nothing wrong in praying with them. As long as we don’t get confused by their doctrines or leave our Sunday Mass to attend their Sunday service as it is not equivalent. I have a lot of Protestant friends and we are constantly praying for each other.

Then why did the Pope frequently pray with non-Catholics? He has done that with the Orthodox patriarchs, the Anglican bishops, and many others.

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Possibly because we are all created by the same God, and the same God hears all our prayers despite our differences.


Thank you for clarifying. :heart:

I am going to a Catholic high school, and we have some students here whose are not Christians - but whose parents mistakenly believe that there is less sinning and hooking up in Catholic high school than in a normal one.

We have inter-faith prayer meetings, no one has ever suggested this is a problem. A priest regularly joins them.

I think some people need to have their pickle removed.


It’s actually astonishing how many people believe that.

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