Praying with people?

Not sure if this is the right sub-forum but here goes. I already asked this in "ask an apologist but waiting on a reply from there.

Does the Catholic Church have any teaching or guidance about praying with people?
I’m speaking of, for example, putting your hand on someones shoulder and praying for them, maybe for a word of inspiration from God for them, or for healing, or for whatever.
Then also what about putting your hands on someones head and praying for them/over them?
If, for example, someone whom you were praying with was in Moral sin, would that be dangerous?

Thanks in advance.

As long as the person is ok with you praying over them then there is nothing wrong with that. Some people don’t like to be touched but other than that I can’t imagine why someone would not want you to pray over them or with them. Only God knows if a person is in mortal sin so we pray for, with, and over everyone. It’s just like when a person dies we do not presume them to be in hell so we pray for the repose of their soul. Prayer is very powerful and more of us should be praying with others and, of course, attend the greatest Christian prayer: the Mass.

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