Praying without an unblessed Rosary?

is there anything wrong with that, or what? I probably just don’t get the indulgences right?

You don’t even need a Rosary to pray the Rosary. You can pray the Rosary using your fingers and still obtain any indulgences. It is your prayer and not the physical beads that matters.

So I don’t even need it blessed?! Why do we have sacramentals blessed then?

No, you don’t need it blessed. We have such things blessed to give them special reverence.

Praying the Rosary as it should, comes from the heart, not the beads. The beads are merely place holders. :wink:


I was taught, many years ago, that praying with a blessed rosary is praying with the whole Church, and that praying with an unblessed one, or without one at all, is praying alone. Although I have no authoritative source, this has always made sense to me. I always get my rosaries, crucifixes and medals blessed.


Getting them blessed is fine, but to think praying with a blessed one is somehow BETTER than praying without smacks of idolatry. What is important is that we pray, not what we are HOLDING when we pray. Our fingers are just as good as rosary beads.

The rosary is just to help you keep track of where you are in the Rosary prayer. When one’s rosary prayer is presented to God, the prayer doesn’t come with the rosary, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

If the rosary need to come along with my prayer to God, I might have to burn my rosary to offer it up each time. :slight_smile:

Being blessed may not make the prayer better, but sacramentals are blessed for a reason.

Rosaries are sacramentals, which do not impart grace themselves, but are holy objects that help us receive God’s grace through using them, which is why we have them blessed.

A personal anecdote: When I was a member of the Assemblies of God I saw a rosary at one our church’s rummage sales. I imagine a former Catholic donated it. Seeing that rosary instantly filled me with a longing to have it–somehow it spoke to me of holiness and the beauty of virtue. So, much to the surprise of the ladies at the money table, I bought it. I didn’t know the prayers–I hadn’t been brought up Catholic before joining the AoG, I’d been an Episcopalian. But, as I held it in prayer I sensed in my spirit a presence of someone sweet, but strong, holy, yet human. It drew me to Mary, and she drew me into the Church.

So, get your rosaries blessed people. You never know what graces God will impart to you and others through this first of the sacramentals. :wink:

Another Rosary Miracle story. How awesomely powerful and wonderful is Our Blessed Mother. What a beautiful story. I have literally heard dozens of them. (I have a personal story myself) The rosary is very powerful indeed. I try to have all of mine blessed, but my H has forgotten to take his rosary or his ring rosary (all of them blessed) in the morning when he leaves so he sometimes says it on his fingers. I trust that he receives the blessings on those days as well.

I’ve heard the same thing elsewhere on this web site. Perhaps I heard it from you. But in any case, I really prefer to pray the Rosary with a blessed Rosary.

And frankly I often get comfort from just holding a blessed Rosary bunched up in my hand. I tell myself (and Mary) that when I hold the Rosary, I am demonstrating my desire to hold Mary’s hand – just the same as any small boy wants to be hear his mother. You really can’t blame me – I only went through RCIA a few years ago and there is so much more that I have not yet received.

You will best know about this topic by using a blessed Rosary and pray the Rosary. For example, as you begin to pray the decade for “Mary’s Visitation with Elizabeth and Zechariah”, ask Mary to pray the Magnificat at the same time you are praying that decade. And imagine hearing her voice and her words while you pray your prayers. This is not easy, but even if you can imagine a little bit of it this is such a peaceful experience. If you pray the Rosary and take time to do it (not being in a rush) and if you make yourself comfortable (kneeling is OK, but it doesn’t help if you want to really relax and luxuriate in praying the Rosary). There is a time to pray on your knees – but I think there is also a time to pray in physical comfort. By praying in comfort, one more easily gets used to being comforted by prayer.

Those with any intellectual argument and without the experience are always not able to reach the level of those who have the experience (even if they are not very intellectual).


In interesting story about rosary beads that I read was about St. Bernadette. When she went to the grotto for her 2nd apparition, her aunt, who was financially well off, gave Bernadette her expensive rosary beads, telling Bernadette, you don’t want to see the lady with your old beads. Bernadette had simple beads made with string, unlike the cystal and silver chain beads her aunt had her use. When the Blessed Mother appeared, Bernadette took out the fancy beads. The Blessed Mother asked, where are your rosary beads? Bernadette answered, in my pocket. The Blessed Mother responded, “use those.”

Bottom line, the beads are not what is important, but the heart of your prayer.


That’s certainly one lesson to be learned from that incident, but I would humbly submit not the only one. :slight_smile:

When I read about it I got the impression that Mary was telling Bernadette she was acceptable to her just as she was–in her poverty and simplicity. The beads themselves, as you rightly pointed out, aren’t the important thing, but the disposition of one’s heart.

Still, the Lady asked Bernadette to use beads–her beads, so I didn’t get the impression she was saying the beads mean nothing at all. Not that you were saying that, but some people might have that idea, which I think would be incorrect of them.

Teelynn, I have the same sort of dh. He forgets his beads/ring often, as well. I think it’s more a guy thing to do, don’t you? And they certainly are blessed if they pray the rosary on their fingers. But, the norm is to use the beads/ring since they are sacramentals. Yes? :slight_smile:

I get every religious item blessed and as far as non religious items, we even take our vehicles to the Priest and have them blessed.

My kids tease me about how many things I have the priest bless! Haven’t had the cars blessed yet, but I have sprinked holy water in them on occasion.

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