When I am praying, sometimes my mind is always so busy that I think of other things, like deadlines, etc… But, I am getting better at not doing that. Also, I know that my priest tells us at the church that when we are praying to meditate on Jesus’ suffering on the cross, but is that everytime we say a prayer? Because, if I am praying for someone, than shouldn’t I meditate on them getting the help? Please let me know, thanks!!


Prayer comes in a variety of forms. Meditating on Jesus’ suffering on the cross is one. There is prayer of adoration and praise, prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of petition (for self and others), and public prayer (the liturgies like the mass). There are a variety of meditative devotionals, such as the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet. Prayers may be spontaneous and free flowing or form,al memorized prayers and devotions. You can pray alone, as part of a group, and, of course, gathered with the parish community for mass. You can pray verbally, silently or through music. Sometimes prayer is nothing more than sitting silently in Christ’s presence before the Eucharist and opening yourself entirely to Him. There is no one way that is right or wrong, so long as you avoid wandering into superstition or false religion.

Distractions are normal and can be offered up to the Lord as part of your spontaneous prayer, too. For me, the most common distractions are all the little things on my mind and heart that I need to bring to Him… I just let them flow through my mind and exhaust themselves until I am at peace in His presence.


Thank you! I always thought it was a sin if you think of other things ,even if by accident or what not.


You’re most welcome. I hope that you find some of the ideas work well for you.


Dear Debra C,
I would like to commend you on the way you answered this question on “praying”, because I, too, have a problem at times with praying. I start to pray and then begin thinking of other things, mainly that I need to remember to pray for this or that. I get frustrated with myself, but I know God forgives me for my silly thought process.
I have heard if you are praying the Rosary and fall asleep “Our Blessed Virgin Mary” takes over for us! I’m not sure if that is true, but I like to think it is! :gopray2:
God Bless,
Angel Face


Prayer, like many other things, takes practice. Remember, the apostles didn’t start out as saints. When Jesus asked them to pray in the garden before His crucifixion, they fell asleep. Talk about your mind not being in the right place!

So keep on trying. It’s like fitness – you have to push yourself at first since it is very difficult. But with the Holy Spirit guiding you, you’ll get the hang of it and build a greater endurance. The key is to never give up and always know they are being heard.


Don’t feel too bad about this. You’re not alone. And no, it’s not a sin. I also struggle with wandering thoughts during prayer. I hate it but it’s very hard for me to control. I often fall asleep during prayer as well which I also hate. The only time I fall asleep during prayer though is if I am praying while laying down on my bed. I say that just so you don’t get the idea that I fall asleep while praying at any time. ;):stuck_out_tongue:


Someplace I received the advice which I pass on to my classes:

If you can pray well you should do so. Otherwise pray poorly like the rest of us. :wink:


Thanks, I am glad you understand where i’m coming from , that makes me feel better. And, yea I kinda figured it is when you are laying down on your bed that you end up falling asleep haha


Hi “HNA444” I think your priest is right! He has given you some very good spiritual direction. When you pray for others, simply state your intention… at the start of the prayer, and then… meditate on Our dear Lord’s Passion. This is simply a mini-version of what we do, when we pray the Rosary (meditate on events in the lives of Jesus and Mary).

Our Lord will apply your prayers in the right place! :thumbsup:

God bless you :slight_smile:


Just checking back in and I thought of another way of praying … you know they say “When you sing, you pray twice!” I love that saying, because I love singing at Mass and also I sing religious songs at home! (Just a thought.:slight_smile: )
Angel Face :harp:

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