how do you hold your hands when you pray?

At Mass, clasped at my waist. In private sometimes palms folded together (picture traditional praying posture). Also, many times, my hands are just where they happen to be because I think that I can pray at any time. Even when I have an armful of groceries or while doing household chores or working, etc.

What is your usual posture for praying?

When I pray, I folded my hands together,when I say prays, sometimes I put my head down,and put my hands together,and mediated when I say the words ,Iam saying.

Rather than focusing on how you hold your hands - you should focus on the intenetion of the heard.

=rubyred2;9806539]how do you hold your hands when you pray?

That is a mtter of “church practice” NOT a doctrine.

Meaning it can chagne and allows for personal level of piety-expression.

Because we ought to live our faith proudly and publically; the TRADITIONAL “folded hands togeather” is such a display.:slight_smile:

Under most circumstances, I hold my hands in whatever way is most comfortable given the situation.

When I altar serve, I hold them as I was taught.


Not for Dominicans. In fact they are forbidden from doing so.

They mostly hold their hands hidden under the fabric in front of their habit (scapular?) so as not to draw attention to themselves, or clasped at the waist.

“Public display” is not part of their tradition or spirituality. In fact, I don’t even think Dominicans know how to spell “Public display”. :smiley:


The Church does not dictate how you position your hands when you pray. Its entirely up to you. The main focus should be on the prayer and not your hands.

I know the church dosen,t tell you how to fold your hands, but when I made my first communion,we had our hands folded,and also had a Rosary in between our thumps and first finger. I also agree with you that,we should be focusing on the pray’ God Bless.

Has to be an interestingly timely question for this poster.
Today, at Mass, I had my hands together - palms flat, with fingertips pointing upwards; and I felt self-conscious (???), so I folded my hands (fingers wrapped atop of opposite hands). Meanwhile, there might have been those with their hands apart, palms held open and upwards, as if waiting for graces from above. I like the first two forms best. Wondering what Holy Mother the Church prefers. Good post topic !

I pray with my fingers interlocked and my hands open, palms facing up.

To me, prayer is a giving of my troubles, doubts, worries, praise and thankgiving to God, and me receiving God’s love & grace. I cannot give or receive anything if my hands are clenched tight.

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