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I have a question regarding Pre-Cana. So, I’m keenly aware that Pre-Cana is the name of the marriage preparation course that engaged couples, who are going to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, take.

My question is this: Granted, Jesus did His first miracle at the Wedding Feast at Cana, when He changed the water into wine, but why is the course called “Pre-Cana,” when the account of the Wedding Feast at Cana (in the Gospel of John), itself, seems to have very little to do with Marriage as a Sacrament (other than the fact that this miracle happened at a wedding)?


Most likely it was just named that as a word connection to marriage. The course is Pre marriage. Pre Marriage at Cana. Not sure its any deep meaning, but someone else may correct me.


“Pre-Cana” is one name for one method of marriage prep. Your Diocese may use this or something else.

The name “Pre-Cana” is a clever way to say “before the wedding where Jesus will be present”


Because it’s before your wedding.


At the wedding Feast at Cana, two people were being joined as one flesh, in accordance with God’s will. Wine (which according to the Psalm is [another] gift of God that brings joy to the heart of man) at the feast ran out. Jesus not only provided more wine, He provided choise wine in super abundant amounts. Six jars at 20-30 gallons, 120-180 gallons of the best wine. This is a promise from God that done properly, marriage provides joy to the couple in super abundant amounts.



The Catholic Church professes that Jesus instituted all seven sacraments which we celebrate.

The institution of marriage as sacramental is seen from Jesus’ miracle at Cana, during a wedding feast.

So, it’s an allusion to preparation for a couple’s own “Cana” event.


Our diocese doesn’t call it pre-Cana. They just call it marriage preparation.


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