Pre Cana for Bi national catholic

So here is my situation, I’m engaged to a polish woman, who is currently living in Poland. We managed to meet again in person in the UK. And that’s where I proposed in person.

As of now I started the K1 visa process. However, I’m trying to do the pre cana classes online. I’m just worried that it won’t get accepted at my church. Because, my priest is insisted for her to take the courses here.

But, with that being the case, that would force my fiancé and I to be married in a civil marriage, because the fiancé visa only allows her to stay for 90 days to get married. And my priest is telling me that I have to do the courses one year in advance.

Does anyone know which diocese for sure accepts the pre cana online?

I know a couple who had to do the same. I believe the priest in their case said it was permissible to separate the civil and religious marriage, so long as they agreed to refrain from sex until the Catholic marriage was complete. Seeing as their intent was simply to make the marriage possible under the law and not to avoid marrying in the Church.

Under canon law, you have to be married in your parish or hers, or get permission from one of your pastors to marry in another diocese. It’s not possible to go shopping around. You’d be better off discussing the situation with your priest and your immigration lawyer, and speaking to the bishop if the priest can’t make something work that permits you to legally get married and begin wedded life.

And what if I get married at a different parish how does that work?

And yeah that’s the plan, to get civilly married just for the paperwork, so she can readjust her status, but of course we are waiting to get married at the church. That’s where we are planning to have the ceremony.

If you are going to be married civilly, she can certainly stay in the US, right?
Then you can apply for your convalidation in your parish.

Most likely, you’d be turned away for not having the proper approval. I would note that you can get permission from the pastor of either of your parishes however - so if her parish priest in Poland is willing to accept the classes online, then he could also provide the necessary paperwork to allow you to marry somewhere else in the US. I expect that would raise a lot of questions though.

Your best bet really is just going to be marrying civilly per the legal requirements, and then doing the classes. Talk to your priest and your lawyer about this especially, since I know that living apart after the civil marriage may cause issues either financially or legally.

My priest really did waste my time, when I took time off from work, to see him. And all he did was just judge that she is just with me to get a green card. Despite the fact that she tried to convince me to go to Poland, many times. And the only reason she agreed is because of my military obligations. Instead of hearing me out for the online alternative.

And, I have to live apart from her, even though that’s our current situation. I’m frustrated beyond belief. And, I will refuse to do it, I can’t be a apart from her, after if God willing we would able to be united here for good.

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While it’s a possibility that this sort of thing could happen, it’s quite unlikely. Polish and other Eastern Europeans have a variety of countries that they can go to without any paperwork at all. Belarusians, Ukrainians etc would be a higher risk for something like that.
Poland is quite a developed nation.

Have you considered doing the Church part in Poland and the civil part in the US?

Unfortunately that can be an issue with US immigration law. Basically if you’ve already had a marriage ceremony, it can be an issue getting the right sort of visa to get someone into the country.

Yes, US marriage immigration law is confusing and often doesn’t make much of any sense.

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