Pre-Cana Retreat Recommendations?


I am looking for a dynamite pre-cana retreat anywhere in the US for my daughter and her husband to be.

I would like the pre-cana retreat to be the kind that draw both of them to strengthen their Catholic identifies, return to all the sacraments, weekly mass, inform them about NFT and get them ready for a beautiful sacramental marriage. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. I am praying for the right lead.

They plan to marry in August



Typically, the diocese in which they reside will stipulate the requirements of that diocese and they would go to a retreat or meetings with a sponsor couple in their own diocese/parish.

That is a tall order for a weekend retreat. I don’t want to be discouraging but if they are not practicing their faith, I think building a relationship with the priest who will marry them may be of more help in bringing them back to the faith.

I hope they will decide to embrace the faith fully, but just as they did not discontinue the practice of their faith overnight they probably won’t return to it overnight.


Thank you for your helpful advice. Yes, I am perhaps too ambitious.


Don’t ever give up on them coming back to the faith, just don’t put all your eggs in the pre-cana retreat basket. Contact your diocesan Family Life office and see what they have to offer or what they suggest.


Yes, I had already e-mailed the Diocesan Family Life Office. I am hopeful they’ll have some good options.


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