Pre-conversion Mass Attendance Question

Hey guys,

As most of you know, I’m starting to attend the RCIA classes (I have one tonight!). I know I asked something similar to this but I know that after I convert, I wont be able to have communion at a Protestant church, right?

Now, my mom is having surgery on the 23rd this month (I know, two days before Chirstmas, not cool :frowning: ) and I have to drive to take her to the hospital and all and I’ll be staying at my parent’s house for Christmas. My question is, since I wont be anywhere near the parish I attend, would it be all right if I go to Christmas Eve service at my parent’s church which is a Protestant church even though I haven’t converted yet?


Of COURSE you can go! I would not receive Communion if I were certain I was converting (which would mean that I had already made the commitment).

My daughter’s Godfather is an Anglican bishop. Whenever I visit him, I always attend his Masses. He understands why I do not receive communion from him and respects that. This man was a mentor to me and my husband’s and my dearest friend. I LOVE him and wouldn’t dream of boycotting his service.


Check Masstimes for parishes in the area where you will be staying. Many of the listings have the parish’s website and will most likely have the times of the Christmas Masses. The site also has the phone number and a map where the parish is. Your best bet to find the parish closest to your parents will be a Zip Code search.

I hope this helps.


Catholics are excused from Mass and Holy Days of obligation for a good reason. Being with your Mother after surgery certainly seems to be a good reason, in my opinion. You are performing a corporal work of mercy, to visit the sick. It is a holy thing to do.

Sorry, I should’ve made a better title than ???’s no wonder I couldn’t find it!!! Someone must’ve changed it! :smiley:


[quote=Paris Blues]Sorry, I should’ve made a better title than ???’s no wonder I couldn’t find it!!! Someone must’ve changed it! :smiley:


Paris, Hang in there, Ask your teacher any and all the questions you have, dont hold back…it’s your soul at stake.

I don’t believe it would be wrong to attend your parent’s church service since you have not yet been received into the full communion of the Catholic Church. I agree that you should not receive communion in their church since you are in the process of uniting with the Church. As someone else pointed out, you can get the Mass times for a parish that will be near your parent’s home and since Catholic parishes have several Masses starting Christmas Eve and going throughout Christmas Day, you are sure to find one that you can attend. You will not want to miss High Mass in celebration of the Nativity of the Lord as a part of your learning about/experience of the Church you hope to enter at Easter Vigil, 2005.

Now will it be a sin to not go to Christmas Eve Mass (I do want to go!) but since my mom will be in bed most of the time, I have to take care of her. Actually, my dad and I both will take care of her. I feel at this time that BOTH going to Mass and my mom is EXTREMELY important to me though I can’t do both (unless you know, I cut myself in half and have my top part do one or the other, etc. LOL!) at the same time. Now what? :confused:


Caring for a loved one satisfies the requirement of “grave necessity” for missing Mass. If you feel that you should not leave your mother, you are excused from the obligation and will not be committing sin.

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