Pre-election novena


Today I am starting a novena with the intention that our freedoms are preserved, the right to life is restored, and that those engaged in bearing false witness against Godly political candidates will be fully exposed so that all voters may see their deceit.I will alo pray that all Cathoics follow the Church’s guidelines when they vote.
I will be praying various novenas in sequence up until election day. Please join me!
May Our Blessed Mother intercede for us, her children! May Jesus put his Healing Hands on our confused nation! May St Michael thrust satan into hell and chain him there forever.


Amen amen amen


Right on SallyMargie! I feel the same way. Definitely doing a lot of prayers on this. :blessyou:


I’m on board with the novena. Priests for Life have a wonderful novena prayer on their website.



Thanks and God bless all of you! Thanks too for the Priests for Life prayer- I will go to that website.


Great website Micki! Wow-even pictured with Fr. Pavone. I LOVE his work!


Grandma Glor


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