Pre-implantation genetic testing

A baby genetically screened to be breast cancer free is due to be born within days. The testing involves using IVF to create a selection of embryos. Scientists then select the ones without the rogue gene and implant them in the woman. The embryos with the rogue gene are destroyed.

The whole way of thinking is really twisted around. The parents think they are doing their children a favour when in fact they are just favouring one child over another.

I didn’t think that the absence of the breast cancer gene was a guarantee to be breast cancer free?

Wow. I have a remarkable friend who has accomplished much in this life for the Lord. She has breast cancer right now.
Just think, IVF could have prevented the tragedy of her birth.

Sad day indeed.

Please pray for my lovely, beautiful friend. She is a Christian mother and wife and has given all of her life in service for the Kingdom.

So does this mean this baby is free from the ovarian cancer gene? The heart disease gene? The obesity gene? The diabetes gene? Cystic Fibrosis? Down Syndrome?

Aside from being appalling it’s almost silly.

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