Pre/Post Vatican II Question

Please excuse my ignorance concerning this issue but I am still studying Catholic religion. Is there a good site or bookshelf resources in which I can look up the difference between Pre/Post Vatican II? I don’t understand what actually changed during Vatican II and how it seems to me to have caused a rift between Modern and Traditional Catholics.

Thank you for any help.

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Nothing changed about the religion belief-wise, what changed was the focus of presentation.

Vatican II changed how Catholics share the faith with others because many people now have an ahistorical view of religion, Christianity and a relative view of truth. So it was implemented to open the doors to the world and more effectively share the faith.

Unfortunately this was implemented during the 60’s and instead of implementing Vatican II people pretty much did what they wanted, instead of listening to the Church even Priests and Bishops just sometimes did whatever they wanted and we ended up with a kinda mess.

Read what the documents of Vatican II say and it will really shed some light on things. Some are kinda wordy and take a bit to read but it is very useful.

The rift is pretty complicated, as there are actually about 4 positions…

The people who don’t want any change at all and just want to get rid of Vatican II, probably because of all the abuses.

The people who understand that truth doesn’t change and just want an honest implementation.
(these two in the middle are pretty close)
The people who might misunderstand Vatican II as a way of making the Church modern and more flexible with truth.
(yes it was made to improve the sharing of the faith)

The people who use Vatican II to do what they want to do and change the Church

Read the documents and it will help a lot.

God Bless

Thank you for your response Scylla. I will go ahead and look up those documents.

Iwesshome: I was a teenager when the transistion from the TLM to the NO happened. Like Scylla says our beliefs are the same but the change left some lasting scars. I found the following document on another thread:

One part really jumped out at me:

Recent reforms have amply demonstrated that fresh changes in the liturgy could lead to nothing but complete bewilderment on the part of the faithful who are already showing signs of restiveness and of an indubitable lessening of faith.

It was bewildering. It was even horrifying at times. The simple fact is that in the mere span of two years we went from the TLM to what would be recognizable as the NO before the NO was officially promulgated. The rest is history.

The truths of our faith have not changed but our mindset certainly has. The Catholic “experience” in 1962 is a far cry from the Catholic “experience” of today. I don’t know if I could put it in words. But I look at those words, “an idubitable lessening of faith” and I have to wonder.

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