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Hello all,

I have a question regarding the pre-theology program. I know that each diocese deals with each man uniquely in his plan of studies, but I am not sure how I would be placed if I were to be accepted by my diocese. I can tell you that my diocese is in Florida, but I will refrain from telling you which one exactly. I will be graduating a state university with a B.A. in Philosophy next spring and I will be applying to my diocese at the end of this calendar year.

My question is this: The Pre-Theology program is mainly composed of Philosophy credits for two years of study, most if not all I have taken. Has anyone else experienced this? I have been told by a priest that has been affiliated with the Vocations Board that there could be many different situations that play out: one or two years in pre-the, straight to the major seminary, or I could be sent out of state to a different seminary.

I am not worrying about this as I know that my vocation is in the Lord’s hands, but I am rather curious about what could happen. Have any of you been in my boat, or do you know of someone who has?



I know quite a number of priests who skipped pre-theology and went straight to the theologate. They had enough credits as an undergrad in a Catholic college to skip pre-theology.


Here’s the thing, though: pre-theology isn’t just about intellectual formation: it’s about the other three pillars of formation, too! (See the USCCB’s Program for Priestly Formation for details.)

So, although you might have the requisite background in philosophy that a seminarian achieves in a pre-theology program, you might be selling yourself short by hoping to go straight to theology. It’s always possible, too, that you might take a different program of academic study while in a pre-theology program. Maybe your diocese might be interested in letting you do graduate work (an M.A. in philosophy, perhaps?) while you’re enrolled in a pre-theology program…?!?

Good luck … I’ll keep you in my prayers!


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