Pre vatican 2 "absolution"?

I went to confession this weekend and had an older priest. The form of absolution was not familiar to me-{ except “i absolve thee”}. It seems that there was a different form of absolution before vatican 2? Has anyone had the same experience?

Pope Benedict now allows either form to be used by any priest (if the pastor permits it)

Here’s a link to the Extraordinary Form

Sound familiar?

I find that older, pre-Vatican II priests use the correct formula followed for hundreds of years. Modern priest often wing it, but I suppose that as long as they absolve you in the name of the Father, Son an Holy Spirit sins are forgiven. At least that has been my 71 year old experience with my many confessions. Too bad only a few persons use the Sacrament of Penance anymore. I guess they are all saints already. I wonder how many sacrilegious Holy Communions are made each Sunday? How many realize the seriousness of their bad communions.

Yes, thank you.

I think another difference is that, in the pre-V2 era, the absolution was made while the penitent made the Act of Contrition. Or at least I think so… The first time it happened, it threw me off - I had to start the Act of Contrition again once I figured out what the priest was doing… :stuck_out_tongue:

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