Preach the love of Christ, Teach the love of Christ, and if you have to; use words


The truth is, I cannot tell a Catholic from a non-Christian. In fact-I have never met once, in my short life, a lay Catholic who was devoted to God and their faith. Yet I have met endless amounts of protestant Christians who live the teachings of Jesus with all their strength and mind. Catholic’s wear their Catholicism like a pin on the lapel of their worldy suit, the same suit everyone else is wearing. They put ashes on their heads and satan on their t-shirts. I don’t blame the laity for their exodus into warm bible-believing schisms. The Catholic Church in America has lost, in my opinion, the fire of Charity to teach the faith- too much dry obedience is handed on without conveying the depths of a living faith or charity to the children. Children learn from their parents that God is just a part of our worldy lives, an important part.

So I was raised catholic, aka worldy, and would have been lost forever in my sinful way of living, if not the pentecostals showed me how to love God with all my heart. As Vatican2 has said “The other Christian churches are doing an essential work for Christ, because, for many reasons, people will not accept anything, even Christ, from the Catholic Church, He is being brought to them through churches they are willing to listen to.”

My faith in Catholicism was non-existant as a protestant because of the hypocrisy of the Catholics I met who don’t know God. Thank God for our Catholic Apologists and theologians like Frank Sheed who brought me home. I wouldn’t be devout to my Catholicism today if I didn’t dig deep into the beauty. richness, and holiness of understanding my faith.

Catholic’s sacrifice the mass, not knowing they are, and go home to the world. Protestants leave worship and fellowship and go home to read their Bible and talk about God, endlessly seeking after God. They hound the ears of God until he answers them, they actually want God. Where is the fire of pentecost? I’ll tell you where it is, in the pentecostal sects. The Holy Spirit shows up there in power and heals the innerperson of the damage the world has done. Now, I have never been filled with the peace and presence of God more sweetly than in the Eucharist after a good confession.

Old Nuns with rulers are out. Be charismatic and speak out of love to the children we raise in the Faith. The face of the Church in America needs to change to attract the attention of the new generations while maintaining its holiness. The faith must be taught with the fire of charity. Teach the outside tradition but show our children by our example, our Faith.


I have to say that I agree with you…

One of the things that I find most frustrating is how hypocritical most catholics are. Late to show, early to go. Have you ever sat in your car watching the parking lot after mass at a Catholic church? Mass chaos! These are the same people who moments earlier received the greatest gift possible in the Eucharist!

Many catholics DO one thing, SAY another thing and BELIEIVE another thing. Also, IMHO, the church has done a very poor job evangelizing.

Now granted, WE are the church. So, when I say the chuch has done a poor job evangelizing…WE have done a poor job evangelizing.

For a while, I was on the fence of leaving the church for this very reason… How could I be a part of a church that is loaded with a history of scandal, hypocracy and “outdated” beliefs. Then I asked the Peter-esque question: “Where shall I go?”. So I researched other churches, which in turn forced me to learn more about Catholicism. And when I did that, I realized just how AWESOME our church is.

It is our responsibility to not only preach what we teach, but the reasoning behind it. Don’t just say…“contraception is wrong”…explain WHY? WHY do we believe what we believe? When we become immersed in the glorious truth of the Catholic church, we glow with life. It is that glow that others will see and ask what it is that makes us so brilliant? Then, we can answer with pride…the Catholic church.

The pentecostal fire is alive an well, it’s just up to us to fan the flames!


I do not believe that this is only a Catholic issue. Sure, there are Catholics who leave Mass early, say one thing but do another but I know many non-Catholic Christians that do the same thing.

However, I do think that there has been poor catechesis in the last 50 years . . . so I’ve heard.

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