Precious Blood and TLM

I went to an EF once and received the precious Body kneeling on the tongue but not the precious Blood.

Is it possible to receive the precious Blood during the EF?

Forgive me for asking such a dumb question but that is the only EF that I’ve ever been to and I’ve only been Catholic a little over a year.

I know that one only has to receive one of the species and that I’ve done a few times even in the OF but I like to take the precious Blood and do so if I have the opportunity.

Am I wrong for wanting to take BOTH kinds?

Am I wrong for wanting to kneel and take on the tongue?

Am I wrong if I think that every Catholic Church should have an altar rail?

I was brought up Methodist and we had altar rails where I took communion!

I convert to the Catholic faith and most Catholic Churches in my area DON’T have altar rails! What is wrong with that picture?!

I didn’t mind the priest having his back to the congregation–I just wish that he were mike’d up well so that the congregation could hear him–I never have understood the glorification of mumbling!

For that matter I never have gotten the prayers that are between the priest and God that the congregation shouldn’t hear–if we know them and God knows them do you think God would mind everybody hearing them?

I do get the Latin being more theologically accurate.

If the Latin Mass were translated as well as could possibly be translated into English would that make for the most theologically accurate mass ever in English?

Lots of questions for one thread. I will just address this one.

Yes, it is possible. Before the changes in the liturgy that allowed Communion under both kinds to be offered frequently, the cup was offered for special occassions. For example, the bride and groom would sometimes be offered the cup as well as the consecrated host at thier wedding Mass and I also understand that a priest offering his very first Mass after ordination would offer the cup to his parents.

Just to clarify, the cup is not always offered to the faithful at OF Masses either.

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