Precious Blood Devotion from Africa

What is the official stance of the Catholic Church on the precious Blood Devotion that originated in Africa? It was given to a nun I believe.

Can you be more specific, please.

For starters, when did this happen? Was this something centuries ago, or a few weeks ago?

What exactly do you mean by “devotion”? Do you mean a specific prayer?

For example, St John XXIII did officially approve a “Litany of the Blood of Christ” in 1960.

There is an optional feastday of the Blood of Christ on July 1.

This might be what you mean:

the Via Sanguinis: a recently instituted pious devotion, practised in many Christian communities, whose anthropological and cultural roots are African. In this devotion, the faithful move from place to place, as in the Via Crucis, reliving the various moments in which Christ shed his blood for our salvation.

Is that what you mean?

Eagerly waiting more conversation… Somewhere I came in possession of a booklet Most Precious Blood of Jesus… Queenship Publishing all biblical quotations taken from the Douay-Rheims 1899 edition. It has Imprimatur June 17th 2001…

Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus is entirely in line with tradition. And especially if something has an Imprimatur, it should be fine.

I’m assuming this has to do with some supposed miracle or apparition or vision or something that happened in Africa which the church does not have a position on yet.

Seems like the church does have a position on it or it wouldn’t have Imprimatur, would it?

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