Precious Blood of Jesus Devotion


I just purchased a book called Precious Blood of Jesus Devotion. Any body doing this rosary? I don’t know much about it but the prayers are wonderful, I highly recommend it. I did not know that Thursdays from 11pm to Friday 3am was the Gethsemane hour.

If someone knows how to pray this rosary, can you let me know if I can use any Rosary or if I have to use the rosary available for this devotion? I know that the rosary has to have 12 beats, but I could just follow the regular rosary and then just pray the extra 2.


Ive never heard of this before and I shall be intrested to learns about it!

I believe your talking about the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Here is a link to learn to say it…

I guess it’s an old devotion more popular before Vatican II and since then nearly obsolete.

Refer to the website for the Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood.

**The Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood **

The Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood is founded in 1861 by Catherine Aurelia Caouette in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, a Community of cloistered contemplative religious women, who dare to be different by holding fast to the gloriously rich traditions of our Holy Roman Catholic Church and are very proud to be especially chosen by our beloved Lord Jesus and seek every opportunity to glorify and make known the tremendous power of His Precious Blood.
Now there are nineteen monasteries of the Precious Blood in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood
Monastery of the Precious Blood in Manchester, New Hampshire
700 Bridge St, Manchester, NH 03104, USA

The Life and Legacy of Mother Catherine Aurelia
the Foundress of the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood

video part 1

video part 2

DVD can be purchased at
the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood
700 Bridge St, Manchester, NH 03104, USA

Prayer for the Canonization of Mother Catherine Aurelia of the Precious Blood**
Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood

O Christ Redeemer,
you placed in the heart of Mother Catherine
Aurelia of the Precious Blood
an ardent desire to work for the salvation of souls
by a life of prayer and penance.
You called her to found a new contemplative Community
for the glory of your adorable Blood and to honour
your Immaculate Mother.
May you now glorify your faithful servant, by granting us,
through her intercession, the favour we ask.
Teach us by her example to meditate on your passion and death,
and to offer unceasingly to God the Father, your most Precious Blood
for all the needs of Holy Church. Amen

Glory be to the Father - three times.

For more information please contact
the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood
700 Bridge St, Manchester, NH 03104, USA

Mother Catherine Aurelia of the Precious Blood
Mère Catherine Aurélie du Précieux-Sang

Glory to the Precious Blood of Jesus

Link to precious blood of Jesus devotional.

All Glory to the Precious Blood of Jesus!

I don’t really know too much about this ( these?) devotions, but one has been around for quite some time, and is almost universally accepted by the Church.
The other ( that I know about) began in the early 1990’s, when a young Nigerian man began having visions of Jesus and Mary. This seer, Barnabas Nwoye, was still in his teens when these visions began. There are quite a few " Warnings" and a series of pilgrimage sites, the Holy Land and the original vision sites in Nigeria, which must be visited by devotees in a prescribed length of time.

What bothers me most about this devotion is the cost that it may entail, also, some sacramentals unique to this practice seem extreme and judgmental. There is a crown of thorns ( how it is used, I don’t know), an agonizing crucifix which depicts the Savior in extreme suffering, and some smaller items. Also, for a certain time, maybe once a month, devotees much stay awake, praying, until 3AM. From an earlier post here, it seems that children are expected to participate, as well as adults. Devotees must be accepted by a priest, but no other rules apply, such as kids being allowed to sleep or study on school nights.

In short, it seems quite negative in tone. Yes, Jesus suffered great pain for us…but it seems as if the suffering is being placed ahead of the results. It just seems rather bizarre.

Also, the American devotion is undergoing some changes, including a dispute over which prayer book to use.

Also, I believe that the writings of Nwoye are accepted by his local bishop…the sacramentals, and other parts of the devotion.remain unapproved.

We’ll, I’m certainly no expert…but I have come across it on different sites, and when I saw two threads on this forum, I thought I should speak up. If you’re involved with this, I advise caution…but that’s just me. I’ve found no criticism of the older practices.

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