Precious Blood


How long does it take for the Precious Blood to change into something else once consumed? I have OCD (self diagnosed) so every time I receive Holy Communion its a struggle, because I fear burping up the Sacred Body and Blood Of Our Lord. Its easy for me to be logical of the Body Of Christ, because if I burped It up a piece would come up. But its not so easy to explain to myself about The Precious Blood. God bless!


First of all, it is extremely unhealthy to self-diagnose a disorder such as OCD. Get professional help. Second of all, it is wholly unnecessary to receive the Eucharist under the species of wine. You may receive the host only if it will put your feelings at rest. I suggest you identify a good confessor whom you can trust and then confide in him for all these questions. You will be in my prayers.


To answer your question, it remains the Precious Blood. It doesnt change into anything else. When partaking of the Chalise, one should only take a small sip. Burping shouldnt be a problem

When it is fully digested, the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Christ is no longer present


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