Precious, my cat, is sick - Prayers needed


Hi everyone. Precious appears to have caught a respiratory infection. She is sneezing a lot this morning and she has a runny nose plus she has been sleeping a lot and she looks a bit sick too. She has also been shaking her head a lot so I think she either has an ear infection, ear mites, or a yeast infection in her ears. She’s still alert, affectionate, and playful (to a lesser extent than usual but she still plays) but she just doesn’t appear to feel good. If you all could please offer me some advice other than to take her to vet (I’m going to try to get her in this morning for her rabies shot and a checkup so she can get some antibiotics if she needs them), I’d appreciate it. Also, if you could offer well wishes, and prayers, I’d appreciate that as well. Thanks everyone. I don’t want to lose my baby and I’m afraid there may be complications with her illness. She sneezed every now and then before (like once a day if that) and I just assumed it was allergies but then I noticed the runny nose and the head shaking and decided I’d better get her checked out. Thanks again everyone.


Having three cats and one with diabetes, I know what you are going through. If she is really sick, the vet may decide not to give her any vaccination shots today. My prayers are with you and your cat.


Praying to St. Francis for your kitty’s recovery.


Well, the vet prescribed her 1 cc of amoxicillin every 8 hours for 2 weeks. I just gave her the first dose about 20 minutes ago. She has an upper respiratory infection. Thanks for the prayers everyone.


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Well, the vet prescribed her 1 cc of amoxicillin every 8 hours for 2 weeks. I just gave her the first dose about 20 minutes ago. She has an upper respiratory infection. Thanks for the prayers everyone.


Sounds better. Hope it works.


I’ll keep praying. Pets are like our children–when they’re sick, YOU hurt just as much, if not more!



St. Francis is still receiving my prayers for kitty.


Oh Holly, Prayers for Precious.

I have 3 felines myself. I know the anxiousness you feel.

Glad the vet put her on anti-bios. Upper RI are tough on cats (Have a sister and step-sister who are vet techs …Ie nurses for animals)

(just some advise they gave me when one of mine has been sick and congested)

Makes sure she eats too, esp drinks.

If she is super stuffy nose she may not eat because she cant SMELL the food. Cats need to smell their food.

If you find she stops eating, trying canned tuna, or some other smelly fish. If that doesnt work that put it on your finger and force it in her mouth, that will get her appetite working and she will continue to eat.

And makes sure you do the full course of anti-bios.

Prayers to St Francis!! :smiley:


If you warm the food, that might help with the smell aspect.

Some baby food (beef, chicken, lamb, etc.) with a medicine dropper works too.

If she needs to gain weight, try some of that Nutrical, found at Petsmart or online.

I have a couple of Persians who have frequent minor respiratory problems. The vet advised taking them into the bathroom while I shower. Little humidity seems to help.


Thank you ProVobis.

Thanks Miz. And you are exactly right. She’s my little girl and I love her so much so it pains me to see her sick.

Thank you lakotak.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that she eats. I’ll also make sure that she gets the full course of antibiotics. And thank you for your prayers.

Thank you again ProVobis. I bought her some vitamin paste from ProPet at Wal-Mart and also some vitamin enriched treats. I had to force the paste down her using the medicine syringe. I’m *not *going to let her become too sick.


Not all cats love it but a little vanilla ice cream or bits of cheese have a lot of calories in them as well.

Looks like you have things under control. Love and prayers can go a long way.


Hear our humble prayer, O God,
for our friends the animals,
especially for Precious a cat, who is suffering from a respiratory illness.
Please show her Your mercy and pity,
and for those who deal with Precious
we ask a heart of compassion
and gentle hands and kindly words.
Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals,
and so to share the blessings of the merciful.


Thank you for your prayers and thanks to everyone else for their prayers as well.

Anyway, about an hour and a half ago, I gave Precious her second dose of amoxicillin. The vet advised me to wrap her in a towel and give her the medicine. Well, that’s what I tried but she kept getting lose and she clawed my hands pretty badly too. So finally I let her on to the bathroom floor and she stood still while I gently but firmly held her head and then put the syringe in her mouth and gave her the medicine. Thankfully, she swallowed it all. I can’t give it to her in her food for various reasons. Thank you all for your prayers.


Can you put it into her water after several days, as a last resort? Just a thought.




It’s been a couple of months since she got sick but I thought I should let you all know that she is doing much better now. She is completely over her upper respiratory infection. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that! I LOVE cats!!!


Thanks! I’ll let this thread die now so that more important prayer threads can take it’s place. :stuck_out_tongue:


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