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Let us consider the possibility that Pope Francis accepted the nomination to be Pope with good will, to help stabilize the Church in a time of crisis caused by Benedict the XVI stepping down. Let us say that a small group of Cardinals were responsible for the nomination and perhaps counseled him to take it. Let us say that Francis may have been a little naive about what he was getting into, and put a lot of trust in a small group of people (perhaps this group perhaps another). Let us consider that this group guided him on what to do, how to act, etc., and he went along with it.

Let us say that when he read the Vigano letter he realized that these counselors were using him to do the very opposite of what he thought he was doing (stabilizing the Church). Where does that leave him? He is asked a question on the plane and cannot answer it (yet).

What would/should he do? I suspect he may resign, Benedict XVI may step in temporarily and call another conclave.

I don’t see him resigning and honestly I don’t want him to. I want him to set the example of telling the whole truth, helping weed out the problems, creating an atmosphere of transparency, repentance, penance and true reform. We can only lead the world in faith and morals if we willing go way beyond secular society. We must do better than any other organization and quit making excuses or burying our heads or attempting to distract from the issues at hand. St. Francis rebuilt the Church once. I want Pope Francis to do it now.

That being said, I’m not expecting to get what I want out of this. My desires in life have rarely been fulfilled. I still don’t see him resigning. I think probably we will just continue to get the silent treatment until eventually everyone “forgets” that questions have been raised and allegations made. Until the next scandal occurs anyway.

I can’t help but think that, despite his age and feebleness, Benedict has been allowed by God to stay alive during this crisis for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is.


I don’t think he’s going anywhere, voluntarily.

There is no chance at all, I’d say, that the Pope Emeritus will be reinstated, in the unlikely event of Francis’ resignation. There would be no need for that. It’s not the way things are done in the Holy See. The time elapsed between the death of a pope and the election of his sucessor is usually about three weeks. In the case of Benedict XVI’s resignation, from start to finish the process took 31 days:

Feb. 11, Vatican announcement Benedict to resign

Feb. 28, Resignation takes effect

Mar. 12, Conclave begins

Mar. 13, Conclave ends with election of Cardinal Bergoglio


How about we deal in reality and realize a Pope is not elected by “a small group” of Cardinals. He is elected by a majority of them (or is it super-majority? i cant remember exactly)

Again, lets stick with reality not some fantasy you conjured up, and realize Benedict XVI has no authority to call a conclave. The Dean of the College of Cardinals is the one who does that.


Right. This is the Roman Catholic Church, not the World Wrestling Federation during the Royal Rumble.

There are some differences.

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That may be the case. This is the first time in history that we have had a “Pope Emeritus”, but if you are correct on his standing, then he may not be a factor.

I did say “responsible for the nomination”, not the election. Also, on Raymond Arroyo’s show last night (I watched after I wrote this), it sounds like McCarrick himself was involved in promoting Francis’ nomination.

This is an excellent documentary:

We have it as part of our FORMED subscription.

When you’re writing a piece like this ^, drop the “Let us” and just get to the meat of it (today lots of people also use some form of “we”, as in - “before we discuss…”). Instead just start at “consider”. Like this:

“Consider the possibility that Pope Francis…”

My opinion on what’s going to happen:

Absolutely nothing

so what then is your point exactly? being nominated means squat if a majority of the Cardinals don’t elect him. Obviously enough of the Cardinals thought it was a good idea that he be Pope or he would not be.

Let us recall that the internal workings of the conclave are conducted under strict secrecy, and that all the above subjunctivity is so much hogwash. :two::copyright:

Let us pray that the Church will solve its clerical child abuse problem, causing harm to no more victims and causing no further damage to the Church Herself.


In predicting anything I’m not following my own advice about this whole thing, which is just not to talk about it because I am not informed enough on the subject but I will predict and speculate. (To be clear I would speak with caution and tact if something in my local parish required my attention)

If this was a movie plot I’d like it to end like this:
Pope Francis’s supposed silence on the subject as people accuse him of so many things is actually a silence suffered for some nobler purpose. When that purpose is revealed there will be both relief and a mess of guiltly feelings from people who were far too comfortable speaking ill of the Pope. He will then turn around and comfort and forgive those people because he’s a good guy. Roll credits.

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This is what’s occurring.

Yes, like I had the thought that PF was letting the evil happen around him so that enough rope the perps would hang themselves… and he PF would administer justice… and clean up the situation…

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