Predictions for 2014


Fr. Z’s Predictions for 2014

  1. Israel will attack Iran (still waiting for this one)
  2. SCOTUS will rule in favor of the Bishops on the HHS Mandate (still waiting on this too)
  3. The “AFFORDABLE” Care Act will continue to flop and be unpopular.
  4. The number of places in which Extraordinary Form (TLM) Masses are offered will continue to grow.
  5. The Canonization of Popes John and John Paul will see the largest crowds in history gathered in Rome.
  6. Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI will attend the canonization Mass.
  7. Curial Reform will not make significant progress.
  8. The Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family will leave people wondering why they bothered.
  9. Former-Father Greg Reynolds will still be excommunicated.
  10. Fr. Z will still not be a Monsignor.

“But Father! But Father!”, some are eagerly saying, “How did last year’s predictions go?”

Let’s find out.

Fr Z’s Predictions for 2013

  1. Israel will attack Iran (this one’s running for the 3rd consecutive year) -1]
  2. SCOTUS will rule in favor of the bishops on the HHS Mandate -1]
  3. Pope Benedict will still be Pope -1 WOW! Got that wrong.]
  4. Bishop Finn (still there!) will formally condemn the Fishwrap -1]
  5. The Year of Faith will close; Pope Benedict will issue an encyclical on faith -.5]
  6. The Church of England will find a way to approve women bishops +1]
  7. More Anglicans will join the Ordinariate +1]
  8. Bp Morlino of Madison will be invited as keynote speaker to LCWR Annual Assembly +1 Who knew?]
  9. Italy will have another government (for a while) +1]
  10. Fr. Z will still not be a Monsignor +1]

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I know, I know: It is an opinion piece, and a blog at that!

But I wanted you all to have a place to put your predictions for 2014; and I know some of them will be political. So have at it! What will happen in 2014?


The North Korean army will be sent to South Korea.
But hostilities will cease when the army discovers there is food readily available in exchange for their arms.


Talk about sticking one’s neck out! First of all regarding some of Father Z’s.

  1. Israel will NOT attack Iran in any conventional sense. It will continue supporting cyberwarfare and indigenous opposition groups.
  2. Pope Francis will say something so impossible to misrepresent, that the secular left will turn on him. Won’t take long.
  3. I actually do think the Supreme court will overturn the HHS mandate. I think Roberts and Sotormayor cut a deal. She got the “fine” turned into a “tax”. He’ll get the mandate overturned.
  4. Obamacare will not have any more dramatic negative events like the rollout. Instead, it will just slowly squeeze 40% or more of the middle class. More anaconda than cobra. By the time the employer mandate is enforced in full, people will oppose it, but will have accepted their fate.

My own predictions:

  1. 2014 will be an excellent year for cattlemen. It remains doubtful that the herds will increase significantly, though it will be widely predicted.
  2. The stock market will see a scary selloff; probably in the summer, but it will recover most of the ground lost.
  3. Housing will not improve significantly on a broad basis, and especially not in the “middle and up” because of increased health insurance premiums in that segment. There will be favorable local stories, but that’s all.
  4. There will be a “mini crisis” in government-insured loans because of the last few years of low-quality government-insured lending. But the public might not even become aware of it.
  5. Student loans will slowly become politicized as the administration tries to use them to favor some groups at the expense of others.
  6. Machinery of all kinds will have a good year because a lot of it will have to be replaced. It’s kind of like cars. At some point it has to be replaced, no matter what.
  7. There will be dramatic events in the Sunni/Shia war in the Middle East. Sunni radicalism will gain a significant number of secret supporters. (This has probably already happened, but we just don’t know about it very much yet.)


OR they’ll just ignore those particular remarks, as they have his rejections of abortion and women’s ordination.
The media has a remarkable talent for seeing only what they want to see. My prediction: that talent will continue.


2014 will just get worse, either the senate stays the same and Obama care continues to roll on, or the republicans take the senate and still do absolutely nothing or barely anything to defund and or defeat Obama care, Obama will get away with more scandals, there will be more drama because that is how the media survives, and our government will continue to get bigger, while we all continue to complain because there is nothing we want to do other than vote between bad and worse.

Muslim extremists will continue to terrorize the world because everyone is too afraid to stop them, Christianity will continue to get kicked around, and then we scoot by just trying to get by in life hoping something will change for the better in 2016, but we will end up with Hilary Clinton running things so in turn now we go from bad to worse. 2020 might be interesting.

The only thing I am looking forward to is the Mars one project to colonize Mars, getting NASA going again and exploring space. There hasn’t been any really positive news in the world for a long time now, and I don’t get easily worked up over the Papacy news in the Vatican, just the same news of pray and keep hoping.

sorry for the bleak an jaded look. I am not too much of an optimist

  1. Israel will NOT attack Iran (not THIS year).

  2. Congress will NOT get anything substantial accomplished…

  3. The President will continue to see his approval ratings plunge.

  4. Pope Francis’s “honeymoon” will end after he says something to enrage the liberal media.

  5. The United States will be involved in military action somehwre in the world OTHER than the Middle East.

  6. Aaron Hernandez (former New England Patriots TE) will be convicted of first degree murder.

  7. The Boston Red Sox will defend their World Series title.


Nobody’s going to Mars for quite some time.

The ship would take over a decade to build and metal hasn’t been cut yet for it.

And it’s still not certain how a manned ship, weighing tons, could land on Mars without crashing hypersonically.



The Democrats will forge ahead with radical policies, and the Republican “leaders” will fold. That’s a toughie, I know. :rolleyes:
Despite their cowardice and unworthiness, the GOP will gain 5 seats in the Senate, and 25 in the House, at least. Gov. Tom Corbett of Pa. will be defeated, even if he is the ONLY incumbent Republican to lose in '14.
The Denver Broncos will defeat the Eagles in the Super Bowl, handily.
MY Detroit Tigers will finally win a World Series in 2014.
One of the Kardashians will have a baby, and another will get married next year.
At least one blonde celebrity with a bad punk haircut will enter rehab.
Soccer will supplant football as the national pasttime.

 P.S. That final prediction will be considered operative on, and only on Aprril 1st.


The project is well underway and they have projections for launch starts in the upcoming years. Now if they follow through with it is another thing, they might in the end lose funding or find it is too difficult , or who knows, but I am looking forward to see how it plays out. A lot of people have applied to go, but who they actually pick I don’t think is known just yet. Good point on how they are going to land a manned craft on mars, I guess similar to the way they landed the rovers.


Really going out on a limb, aren’t you? :smiley:


GOP wins US Senate


I predict mankind will continue to fall away.

Oh, wait, that’s too obvious :smiley:


A lot of folks are going to Purgatory who do not now believe in it.


I deserve no praise. Give credit to my Ouija Board. :wink:


Approval rating can only drop so far.

At some point, you reach that core of yellow-dog democrats that will not abandon their church.

Usually that is in the 30% range.


I don’t know.

If the Congress can go down to 7%, I’d think that a POTUS who thinks there are 57 states can race them to the bottom :slight_smile:



I’m leery about putting predictions on paper, even if it’s electronic paper. I’m been wrong too often to dabble in it. Even my old pastor, who WAS prophetic, never put a date on what he thought was going to happen. For example way back circa 1990 / 91 (he died in 1992), he made the comment, “I think there’ll be a second Gulf War. The Americans will have had enough of Saddam Hussein and they’ll get rid of him. But I think they might lose a few men the next time.” And the way he said “few” it was clear he meant a lot more than a “few”.

Sure enough that happened, but he did not make any attempt to put a date on it.

The only time he made some attempt to put a date on one of his predictions that I can remember, was in relation to a certain politician, when he commented, “He’ll be a real little tyrant! About the only thing we’ll have going for us will be his age. I don’t see all these things happening till he’s in his seventies.” He was talking about a dictatorship being set up here due to a “state of emergency”, and this particular politician becoming the dictator.

At the time he made the prediction the politician was only about 50 or so, but the years have gone by since then. The way the discussion came about was when Paul Keating was our Prime Minister (1991 to 1996). Since the pastor died of cancer in January 1992, then we must have been talking in the later part of 1991.

I didn’t much admire Keating’s style, and said I thought he’d cause a lot of trouble. The pastor disagreed, and replied, “I’ve always thought that if there was going to be a prime minister who’d cause a lot of trouble, it would be Mr. X.”, Mr. X being the man he was referring to as the “little tyrant” down the track.

Interestingly enough a few years later Mr. X. became Prime Minister of Australia, yet at the time we were talking abou thim, he was almost in the political wilderness, and not even leader of the opposition. He’s not in power at the moment, but you can be quite sure he won’t be far from the action.

Mr. X. will be 75 this year, so if the pastor was right, as I found he usually was, then sometime in the next five years, there’ll be some cause for a “state of emergency”, and probably not only here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some major terrorist attack in the offering (nuclear? dirty bomb?) or maybe a couple of nasty wars nearby eg. Korea, India / Pakistan, Middle East? Possibly exacerbated by a major economic collapse?

Whether these things start happening in 2014 is a moot point. I’m not sticking my neck out, because I just don’t know. But the fact is there are several potential flashpoints - massive debt in the West, the two Koreas, Middle East as always, India / Pakistan, China’s economic ascendancy and potential confrontation with her neighbours over the South China Sea, the arms race in South East Asia, Moslem fundamentalism on the increase, etc.


The Republicans will gain more seats in the House of Representatives

Either the Denver Broncos or New England Patriots will make the Superbowl

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will either write something new or make another public appearance.

The Catholic Priesthood will grow in numbers

Israel and Iran will not fight due to heavy international pressure

North Korea will take a further step on South Korea by putting more troops at the DMZ

The Chinese will send a man on the moon becoming the second nation to do so.

Boston Red Sox will not repeat the World Series win

National league will beat the American league in the All-Star game


Oh wait I forgot, since Obama is doing such an awesome job at changing America, and Americans love him so much because the polls say so and of course he was re-elected, someone in the democrat party will put forth a vote to end presidential term limits and they will plead for Obama to run for the white house once more.

Hillary will be VP

an I think it is a safe bet to say Iran and Israel will never go to war, to many interests at stake in the region over anything from oil to peanut butter,

anyone wana gamble on Obama and his party finally breaking the peoples back while the republicans do nothing to stop them and in turn an armed revolt breaks out in DC…

that could be fun, haven’t had that happen in a while.

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