Predictions for post covid world?

I read an interesting article somewhere about a week ago. It was speculating on changes to society resulting from this pandemic. One point that was interesting was that during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl years, our ancestors that came out of it were greatly effected and became the reuse/recycle and saving generation. The article interviewed several millennials, all of them commenting on how much money they realized they had been wasting! All commenting on saving in greater amounts.

If this happens, it’s a big reversal on our current materialistic habits and many businesses will suffer due to less frivolous spending. Smart businesses may need to swivel from meaningless consumer goods into more necessary ones. I wish I remember where I read it!


I just have this feeling that things will get worse…NOTHING will be the same as some predict…this is a sign of the times…it will be ugly…I predict…we have sinned…we will be in a state of “awe”…I predict…let’s embrace “silence”…cause we need to…Pray more…and Pray again…we need to!

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Don’t take the vaccine, they don’t even work for the flu and kill ore people than you think.

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The rest of the decade leads us up to the Lord’s return. 9/11 may have been prophesied in the bible as well as this pandemic.

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Many things will change & we may never get back to our peak. This incident has severely impacted our entire system of commerce & to a lesser extent our politics. The changes may be slow at first but will intensify if pestilence becomes the new normal for humanity in the years & decades to come.

(1) Standard of living
(2) Wealth, wage & income
(3) Employment opportunities
(4) Cash currency
(5) Consumerism
(6) Manufacturing, production, goods & services
(7) Global market systems
(8) Freedom & liberty
(9) Immigration

(1) Taxes
(2) Price of products & services
(3) Digital currency
(4) Autocracy, protectionism
(5) Global tensions
(6) Privatization
(7) Poverty, homelessness & hunger
(8) Activism
(9) Emigration

9/11 was also prophesied on US currency:

“And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.”

That’s Isaiah 30:25, along with Isaiah 10 and 14 they speak about the end-time Assyrian anti-Christ.

Maybe if the Church holds off on opening up to Mass just a little bit longer than the Protestants open to their prayers service…the left liberal in the Church will entertain joining Protestants?
I’m not suggesting this but I can see it happening.

Protestants are definitely moving into action faster here.

It’s obvious that there are going to be financial repercussions for years to come. Plus likely that things that limit activities or track you will continue under the guise of health and safety. The biggest danger is for some charismatic personality to propose that he/she had the solution to all our problems and people believe it.

I think there is much yet to be reported about the epidemic in China, and it’s therefore difficult to intelligently consider the effect on the future.

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Nothing good will come of it. That is all I know. I would not be surprised to see a depression ensuing since so many are out of work. Or, perhaps something good, like more people finding their faith, will come of it. Currently, it’s a bunch of cards scattered haphazardly on the floor. You never know which card will turn up.

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My boss is Chinese and has family in Beijing. She says that it really hasn’t hit Beijing yet. How many waves of the virus will there be as it hits all those Chinese mega-cities? Mutating all the way?

No one knows just how bad this hit North Korea.

I would guess we are going to see it collapse altogether.

There will be more families in deep loss and grief than many will remember as it was after the last war. For each death we read in the statistics there are people in grief and loss. We need to remember them and care for them as we go forwards. The great gaps in our communities will change our villages, towns and cities inexorably

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