Predominately Catholic areas in the US?


Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody knows about any areas in the United States that are almost completely Catholic, like parts of cities or regions. I've heard of Ave Maria, Florida, but don't know much about it. God bless!


I know that here in Jersey there is a majority of Catholics but definitely not completely Catholic. Boston is probably almsot completely…I’m not sure though. I think it would be pretty hard to find a place that is all Catholic with all the other religions around.


I think that the reputation of Boston as a Catholic city is a bit misleading. Yes, there are alot of Catholics there, but, sadly, many of the Catholic churches there are empty on Sunday morning. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s just what I’ve noticed. Granted, I’m not from Boston, but I am from New Hampshire, have many family members in Massachusetts, and sometimes it’s best if you look at a city with an outsiders eye-like De Tocqueville.

Besides, Boston is a city that is more dominated by sports :slight_smile:

I would look into a neighborhoods more than actual cities.


Really?? That is interesting to hear…I’m not suprised though…


Cincinnati, OH.

It's gotta be 95% German Catholic. You trip over the Catholic grade schools and high schools. It's fantastic!


Louisiana is a very Catholic state.


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Louisiana is a very Catholic state.


According to the other thread, they cancel Mass for football - so, maybe not so much anymore.


NJ definitely has a very large Catholic population. Just about everyone I knew growing up in NJ was Catholic. My town had three large catholic high schools in addition to two large public high schools. Just about every town has its own Catholic HS in my county.

I remember when I was in middle school (public school) we had to cancel several school soccer practices and a game due to Confirmation practice and the actual Confirmation since roughly 18/20 kids on the team were Catholic. The same applied for the other school sports in that season. The other public middle schools in my town had to do the same. So that is a good example of how large the catholic population was in my town.


The "bungalow belt" areas of Chicago, which are typically ethnic (Poliush, Italian, Irish). these are mainly on the NW and SW sides of the city.


Yea I remember going to Catholic grammar school…I went to public after we moved to another town…but yea I guess we Jerseyians are pretty Catholic people! :smiley:


Tons of places in the NY Metropolitan area…at least Catholic in name, if not always by practice.

Grew up in an Irish-Italian Catholic neighborhood in that area. Felt I had a lot of feisty “other mothers” when I went to Mass :smiley: And during Fridays in Lent, it’s pizza night :slight_smile: And St. Patrick and St. Joseph might as well be government holidays because we’re all in the city and we’re all having our corned beef, minestrone, and applicable beverages:) For the people who are serious about their faith, young or old, a lot of cultural elements are present.

I’ll admit, having a bit of homesickness right now…


No question St. Louis, MO


Are you just looking for Catholic based on numbers, or Catholic based on practicing and loyalty to the Church? They are two different things in many instances.


I think it would be a matter of neighborhoods or smallish towns, rather than large cities or whole states. I think R.I. is the only state in which Catholics are the majority.

But then, there is a little town about five miles from here in which almost everybody is Catholic; in a region that’s a sea of protestants. It varies.

I’ll agree with the person who said St. Louis. I don’t think the majority of people there are Catholic, but there are so many, it sure seems so. And, of course, in some neighborhoods, it’s definitely so.


Steubenville, OH…:smiley:
It really was a great place to grow up :), the University really makes it a great Catholic center…except there really is not a lot of jobs, etc. since the steel mills closed down…:o


That’s a shame.

All I can really say is that while living in Lafayette (for a grand total of 3 months) it seemed like nearly every person I met was Catholic. Whether or not they were practicing or not, I do not know.


**Heaven is the only truly Catholic place! **

Everyone there has had to accept Jesus completely, & perfectly, which none of us here on earth can possibly do!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



St. Louis Missouri with a catholic church just about every few blocks. Also New Orleans is supposed to be pretty catholic but I don’t know if it still is after Katrina. A lot of residents resettled. :shrug:


I’m surprised you didn’t mention Pilsen – Pilsen is the only Chicago neighborhood I know where many houses display images of Jesus or Mary outside. By appearances, it’s definitely in the running for being the city’s most Catholic neighborhood…


Statistics on the number of Catholics in each city/county level can be found here:

Here are some numbers that I found on the website for various cities mentioned in this thread:

Boston (Suffolk County): 45%
Chicago (Cook County): 40%
New York (Brooklyn): 37%
New Jersey (Essex County): 35%
Cincinnati (Hamilton County): 26.9%
St. Louis (City): 20.3%

I’m not sure how any of these compare to the national average, because the website didn’t offer national averages computed with the same methodology as the data…

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