Prefered Incense Frequency?( use the new one- I made some changes)

  • -Daily Mass
  • -Every Sunday
  • -Roughly once a month
  • -Only ‘High Holy Days’ (Christmas, Easter)
  • -Never

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My personal opinion but one can never have too much incense. :sunglasses:


I didn’t vote on the poll because I don’t see the following option: all Sundays and Solemnities, as well as on All Souls.

More often would be welcome, but I’d be happy if we had incense “just” on these days.


I vote none.

I’m deathly allergic.

I also know veterans with COPD who can’t do insense and are on oxygen.

Previously, the pastor would ensure there was at least one safe Mass for me and those others to attend. The current pastor doesn’t care. “His right” he sais.

I now attend another parish…some of the older gentlemen do, too, but many more are stuck at home waiting for Eucharist for the home bound.


I love incense but I can see the medical problems with it. I’d be fine if they never used it. If people have to leave the Mass, something is wrong.


I didn’t vote.

At my parish we have incense at one mass every Sunday. People who cannot breathe with incense around, or prefer not to be around it, can attend a different mass.

The pastor arranged this for the sake of those in our parish who have COPD, asthma, or other health conditions exacerbated by incense.

So my preference is that pastors take into account the needs of their parishioners and make sure there is at least one mass that does NOT have incense, but at least one that DOES every Sunday and solemnities.


I likewise didn’t vote. I looked for the option “Pastors preference, consist with Church guidelines.” But didn’t find it.



All I KNOW and (I really won’t know) is for my funeral I want the whole 9 yards. I want to go through the Church with all of the “bells & whistles”. I LOVE my Catholic Church and I LOVE my Catholic Faith and I want to go out with every blessing, grace, and possible thing that the Catholic Church has to send me off to my final eternal reward.

Incense is very special and I think it can negatively affect a lot of those in attendance at Mass. Definitley for special occasions, Feasts and Holy Days.


Surprisingly (or not) the Eastern Orthodox make the best incense.


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