Preferred Format?

We’ll I’ve decided to get a new bible or two. Thinking about the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, NT with Scott Hahn, and another full entire bible, probably the RSV-CE2. Does anyone else have that same combo?

Also, what format do you prefer, leather, hard cover or paperback?

I’m personally working through Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, NT with Scott Hahn and am surprised at how much I enjoy it, more “meat on the bone” in the notes than I expected :). My main bible for years has been a St. Joseph edition NAB but am saving up for a good quality Douay Rheims and a Knox. After those two I’d like a Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition.

My preferred cover is flexible leather, size and print large.

I use the RSV-CE2 for myself, hard cover (it stand up well). We als use this bible for RCIA & CCD.

I don’t like the NT only “Bibles” or the NT+Psalms “Bibles” except for the tiniest pocket size ones. They are not really Bibles but only parts of the Bible and anything bigger than those little pocket Bibles are usually a poor value. Someone here at CAF recently requested opinions about a small hardcover RSV-CE New Testament plus Psalms for $16 and it was pointed out that for four dollar more he could have gotten the whole Bible - OT and NT - in leather in a smaller and lighter package.

As an example, this is my zippered, thin-line RSV Catholic Edition Bible in (imitation) leather from Oxford University Press. It is listed on in black at $32.99 but can be found on the internet in both black and burgundy for a little over $20.

It is imitation leather but it feels like lambskin and is beautifully stitched. The binding is sewn and it has a zippered closure with miraculous medal zipper pull. I’ve added two ribbons to save my place - one red for the Old Testament and one white for the New Testament. The ribbons had to be cut short so as not to get caught in the zipper. There are very few notes, no maps, no essays and no pretty pictures - very few frills, just the text. For me, a Bible that can be carried around and read often is a must.

This is an amazingly rugged yet beautiful Bible. I have used this Bible every day for about four years and have read this one cover-to-cover twice. I believe it to be one one of the best values in Catholic Bibles available today.


I have the RSV-2CE hardback and it’s a fine Bible. However the format I find myself using most is the Lighthouse Catholic Media app. For physical books, I prefer a hardback or leather. Compacts are nice to travel with but harder on the eyes and to read for longer periods of time.

Yes I use that combo, among others!:thumbsup:

Thanks all. Think the leather-backed bibles are nicest and probably hold up longer than the paperback versions, even though a tad more expensive. I’ll primarily be using it at home so it won’t get too beat up, and maybe using my iPad on the road. We have an old NAB Family Bible that we received as a wedding present years ago, but it’s quite large and heavy. My wife has a more recent NAB, (not the NABRE), and she’s just OK with it. The font is very small and the paper is thin. And I have a Living Bible that my mother gave me 34 years ago. I know it’s more of a paraphrase and it’s a Protestant version, but it did re-kindle my faith, which ultimately led me to my quest for a new bible, so I can’t knock it too much. The new RSV-CE StudyBible looks interesting, at least for studying the NT. But as far as new complete bible, I’m leaning towards the older RSV-CE, or the new RSV-CE Second Edition, or a D-R.

Tim - You’re Bible is beautiful. Thanks for the link. I checked it out and they look very nice. Not sure how much I’d like the zipper though. I saw they carry a non-zipper leather version. If that’s your main go-to Bible, are you also using a different version or resource for more in-depth study? And I realize that the new RSV Study Bible is only a NT with notes. But I thought it sounds like a pretty good resource for more in-depth study of Scripture. Agree or could I do better with something else?

Gary, you mentioned using you ipad on the road, there is a ‘Truth & Life dramatized Audio Bible’ app that I use all the time for my RCIA class and Bible study! It is the entire RSV-CE and RSV-2CE Bible texts (OT & NT), it incorporates all the study notes of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - NT and some of the completed study notes for the Old Testament. And it contains an audio (dramatized) RSV-CE NT. During the audio portion of the NT, you can follow along with the RSV-CE or RSV-2CE text of the NT. The text follows the audio portion of the NT automatically. I have waited for Ignatius Press to publish a large print RSV-2CE Bible for almost 8 years :shrug: (which I have given up on), now I have the large print that I like! I have found myself using this RSV-2CE Bible app more than the hard copy versions, for home and travel. It works real well on my ipad mini. All this for &19.95 (the price of a paperback RSV-2CE Bible) :thumbsup:

That sounds pretty nice and convenient and relatively cheap for all that. I’ll have to check it out. Love the iPad but sometimes there’s nothing better than holding an actual book. Thanks!:thumbsup:

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