Preferred mode of reading the Bible?


Which is your preferred mode read the Bible? I have personally begun to prefer reading on my Kindle. What do you think? Which one is best?


I read it in book form. It’s an ESV thinline Bible with a leather cover. I love the smell of leather. :smiley:


I read the RSV-CE thinline. Leather cover. No footnotes. Sleek.
But I also read online for work. ( I work at a parish)


I have the New Jerusalem Bible on my iPhone.


I have several translations. Currently, I am reading NAB Catholic Answers Bible.


I read the Bible every night before I turn out the light. I read “The One Year Bible - Catholic Edition” – it includes the entire New Living Translation with deuterocanonical books arranged in 365 daily readings. i lovew it.


I have the print version of the RSV-CE. I also have it on my ipad (the Truth & Life app) but even though I have good intentions when I start reading, multiple times I was distracted by reading an email or message that came in while I was reading. So now I just stick to the print version.


I listen to the Bible while I drive, play video games, or do other visually engrossing activities like doing a puzzle. Currently I am listening to the douay-rheims bible.


I do like reading it in book form but I have it on my mobile phone which is very handy and I red it there the most.


My choice is the RSV-CE, hard cover. I like the feel of a book in my hands.



I love e-readers, but Bibles and prayerbooks don’t lend easily to that format.


I get the daily reading emailed to me from the USCCB.


Always print! :thumbsup:

I have dozens of printed bibles, from very old to brand new, but all Catholic versions, from giant folios to small pocket size. I like choosing which bible to use from day to day. :slight_smile:


I am a big fan of the RSV-CE 2nd Edition. I also own the Men’s Bible with forewords by Fr. Larry Richards. I do also tend to use the Bible app when I am in discussions on Twitter and need to post a verse. In this day and age you really need to be flexible between printed and your phone or online. It’s nice to have that easy access to a printed Bible at home but when you are on the go it is very nice to have a Bible app.

God Bless! :tiphat:


I just shelled out the dough for the Ascension Press “Great Adventure” DVDs and workbook. Jeff Cavens makes the point that the books in the Bible are not organized in chronological order. So, it suggests that just reading cover to cover does not give the fullest sense or context.

I’ve just started the course, and I’m not making any recommendation here about it. I have a kindle and have used it for years. I’m beginning to wonder about the battery life, as the battery now seems to require more frequent charging. I think my kindle battery only has about 8 hours of life as it was.

I do run the battery down to the 15% mark or lower, before recharging

It’s not so much whether I would read the Bible on the kindle or not, but rather how easy it was to navigate through the Bible and get to cross-references (and back) etc. and whether there was an embedded concordance.

I don’t especially like sitting at my desktop computer for a long time reading, either. I’m hard to satisfy.


I much prefer to read the Bible in printed form. I don’t know of any apps or websites that truly does the Bible justice.

For me, it is a lot easier reading a printed copy and making notes that I can easily find again.


I like the feel of having a book in my hands. :slight_smile:

That’s just my own personal preference.

I have several different Bibles, and most of them were gifts except for my Catholic One Year Bible which I bought myself.

If I’m looking up a quick Scripture reference though, I’ll go on-line and look if I’m already using my computer.

I personally don’t think that there’s necessarily one way that’s better than another for using a Bible. I just think that it’s whatever way a person prefers and that works out best for them.


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