Preferred Style of Confession

  • Say your sins, Father absolves them - in-and-out
  • Maybe some spiritual direction/advice - a little longer in length
  • Depends situationally
  • Other (Comment below)

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Personally, I’m an in-and-outer… :smiley:

I go to confession to my spiritual director. I count on his knowledge of my spiritual life to inform his comments and penance. And he comes through.

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Sometimes I ask the priest for advice on how to avoid a sin or what prayers I can say to help me to try to amend my life.

The only time I keep Father longer is when I need advice on how to avoid falling into the same sin again, a small article blessed by him, or when I have a spiritual question.

In a way still trying to figure it out because I have not been many times. Definitely behind the screen and it’s nice to know someone is there. In my prior confessions though the priest always ends up talking a good bit after I list my sins. The last time I went he interjected almost after every statement and I was in there about 25 minutes and mortified when I walked out what the people behind me must have been thinking! :slightly_frowning_face: But at least he was kind, so that would be my main preference.

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My regular Confessor gives me some really good advice. I’m still at a point where I need that extra guidance having been away from the church, and this particular Sacrament for nearly four decades.


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