Prefigurements in Psalms 86 & 89



“Give your strength to your servant and save the son of your handmaid.” - Psalms 86:16

Does this prefigure Jesus giving Mary to us as our Mother in John 19:26-27?


“Once for all I have sworn by my holiness; I will not lie to David.” - Psalms 89:35

Does God’s covenant with David prefigure His covenant with the Church in Matthew 16:18?

Q3. Can you recommend any books or online resources that explore biblical prefigurement in a way consistent with Catholic teachings? I know that one can invalidly twist some verses into supposed prefigurements, but I am specifically looking for those that are recognized by the Church. Are there more beyond those in Matthew?

Thanks so much!


Q1- Yes (according to St. Augustin)…see also Wisdom 9:5, Psalm 25:16, and 116:16

Q2 - Sorry, I haven’t researched it yet.

Q3 - The Church Fathers! the case of the Psalms, “Expositions of the Book of Psalms Volume I - VI Psalms 1-150” is amazing (its a translation of Augustin’s work).

Online resources? I live by Verbum (operating on Logos Software)…I have amassed nearly 1700 volumes in my library…I have several thousand dollars wrapped up in it, but you can start small and add the volumes you want.

More prefigurements? Countless…without twisting, but by analyzing spiritual as well as literal sense of scripture (its discussed in the catechism)…the term is “Types” or Typology, where a person or event points to a greater person or event elsewhere in the bible, usually old to new testament, but also within each testament.


Thanks, Neofight!

Let’s say you were using your Logos Software. How would you research my Q2? Is it similar to Google? Could you search for, say: “Typology Psalms 89:35” or something like that and it would list books and chapters? It sounds like a substantial investment to make.


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