Pregnacy announcement?


is this a guy thing, or is it just plain odd?

a friend at work was just married this year, to a woman at work, who i also know.
i see him regularly, and her not much.

today i asked him how his wife was and he replied that she will be working part time starting next summer…:shrug:

he confirmed his cryptic message and said she was due around may.

i don’t know, i’ve just never heard a pregnacy announced this way :confused:


I don’t understand the part time thing either. After all some women work full time after childbirth while others, like myself, stay home. Your work load has nothing to do with a woman becoming a mother.:confused:


I could see saying something like “she’s looking forward to spending more time around the house” or “she’s looking forward to the chance to work on building our family rather than focusing on her career”, but the part time comment is weird. It seems like he’s more interested in her stopping working than he is in the addition of a child to their family. Very strange.


eh, i wouldnt worry about it. it could have just been his way of telling you since you and her have work in common. or, maybe he wasnt supposed to let the cat out of the bag yet, and it just slipped. be happy for the couple and try not to read more into it than needed.


Chew just seems puzzled by the strangeness of the statement that doesn’t mean that he/she is reading anything into it.


I think some people just have a hard time telling coworkers about a pregnancy. I know a lot of couples that tell no one until after the first trimester.


sorry, i didnt clarify. i guess the last portion of my post was intended more for Just Wonderings comments. and i didnt mean anything negative by it either. I just think we all can (me included) sometimes jump to conclusions way to quick when trying to analize what someone has said. and who knows, he may very well be nervous about his wife going to part time. its perfectly normal for a daddy-to-be to be worried about that. but that doesnt mean he not excited at the same time.


I have said stuff like this before. It could be that he connects the fact that she is going to work part-time with the fact that they are having a child, since maybe that is the only reason or one of the only reasons she would cut down to part-time, so he mentioned that first as if there was a clear link between a woman going part time and having a child. Then he added the due date to make sure you understood… I dunno, that is what I thought of when I read it.


This is possible.

My hubby does things like this all the time and it drives me insane. In his mind he sees the clear connection between point A and B but he sometimes leaves me confused.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


thank you, just trying to figure out if this is standard nominclature :shrug:


Or maybe he assumed that you already knew about the pregnancy. When I was working I started having a hard time remembering who I told and who I didn’t, and then there were other people who knew by hearing it not from me but from others. :shrug:


**most people seem rather baffling to me these days, so just join the club.:wink: **

maybe he just thought to get the most pertinent work related data to you?

my dh avoids telling people at work until he absolutely has to. they’re pains in the bum about it (sexist imo, like men aren’t supposed to bring their family life to work with them but women have to??)

so I can see my dh saying, “oh in blank month I have a full schedule outside of the office, we’ll have to reschedule that …” he just really doesn’t care to get personal about it with them.

of course, we’ve had 6 kids while he’s been with the company so by now they probably know what that means, esp as he rarely misses work and they approve vacation time even less. thus FMLA is the only way he gets time off and he only takes it for the birth of a another baby.

**then again he is one of only 6 people who has been there this long so maybe all the people at various turn over times didn’t have a clue what it meant.:shrug: **

**Just say a hearty congrats and don’t make a big deal out of it unless he or she seems to want to talk about it.:thumbsup: **


I think it might be one of two things.

Some people don’t like crossing the line between work and personal life. Also, his wife is only 3-4 months along, and a lot of people hold their breaths for a while, usually through the first trimester, and sometimes longer if they have had problems before.


I agree with the above poster. She’s at the most 3 months along - I’m due very early in March and am not yet at the 5 month mark. I didn’t tell anyone I worked with about DS until I was almost 3 months along, and even then I found it awkward telling some of the men I worked with. Many just sort of figured out when my normally petite figure started to pop.

Also, the part-time comment may have been a bit of CYB on his part if his wife also works there. When I punched out of my engineering career 4 weeks before DS was born and 5.5 years after I started, there were many that thought I was making a huge mistake (and still do). They were WRONG, of course, but society these days doesn’t value family the way they used to, and you’d be amazed at what off-handed comments about possibly quitting may get back to his DW’s boss.

I’d give him your congratulations and respect that he seems to want to keep this pretty quiet for the time being.


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