Pregnancy due date with NFP


I’m not really sure when my due date would be based on my chart. I put my chart data into fertility friend so you all can look and maybe help me figure that out. Their website said my expected due date would be Jan 17th, but I’m not sure I am in full agreement with the date they placed as my ovulation because of my medicine (or rather lack thereof). In the grand scheme of things, a couple days one way or the other probably won’t make a difference imo, but anyway, click here to see the chart. The medication listed is thyroid medicine and yes, I skipped 8 days because I didn’t get my prescription refilled. Bad me, especially since when I don’t take it my temps are lower so pinpointing ovulation can be more difficult. I think ovulation got pushed back from what is normal for me partly because of that and partly because of the stress of finals. I normally ovulate on day 23 give or take a day or two and have a 10-11 day luteal phase. Almost always my cycle is 33 or 34 days long, but not this cycle. My mucus was on time and behaved normally, but my temps didn’t go up as the mucus went away like they normally do. We were fully aware I hadn’t ovulated yet and no second mucus patch accompanied the actual ovulation (based on temps).

For those of you more experienced with determining pregnancy due dates based on charts, when do you think my due date would be? I don’t think my doc is very experienced with NFP at all and considering the date of my last period, I don’t think he would believe me unless I have solid reasoning for my calculations the first day he sees me. Thanks in advance for any help.


Did you have an ultrasound done? I had an ultrasound and they told me when I am due.


Nope, no ultrasound yet because I have not went to the doctor yet. My insurance doesn’t start until June 1st so I won’t be going until after then unless it’s an emergency.


I’d say Jan19-ish


(Sorry, I just re-skimmed your post, and my reply is a little off topic)

From my experience, I agree that doctor’s tend to (sillily, annoyingly, pick your adverb) put more faith in their “magic wheel” then your knowledge of the actual conception date or ovulation date. Usually they give you a due date right away that disagrees with when you think you actually are due. Later on they’ll do an ultrasound and correct the date and it should be much closer to what you think the due date should be.


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