:confused: Hello, I have a question…Can my UNWED pregnant daughter accept the eucharist???:confused:


If she has been to confession and remains in a state of grace, then yes.


what is a state of grace?


Are you kidding me here?

This is an incredulous question. :confused:


Keep editing your posts. Your imaginary 19 yr old is a fiction.
You have edited 2 posts now.


Listen…to Damascus…I don’t understand you …what is your problem with me? :confused:


I can’t specifically answer your question as to what the “state of grace” is because the state of grace can be offended by many things. I recently had my civil marriage blessed by the church, but for the last year and a half, since my marriage was not blessed by the church (we eloped), I was not in a state of grace (basically due to disobedience of church law). As long as your daughter has confessed her sins and has been absolved and completed her penance ( or is in the process of completeing her penace), then she should be in a state of grace. If some of her behaviors are questionable, the ask your Parish Priest for guidence.

Charity above all things, especially when considering a new precious life is on the way into our world. And regardless of the circumstances, congratulations on your new grandbaby! God love you, & your daughter!


:slight_smile: Thank you beesweet. I wasn’t sure about this and needed to know… And thank you for the well wishes…It was hard to accept at first but I am coming around.


Welcome to the forums. :wave: A state of grace is usually pretty common Catholic teaching. Most older Catholics generally know it, but newer Catholics or those returning to the Faith may not. Bee sweet’s answer is very good. I hope it helps. Please let us know if you have more questions.


:slight_smile: Thank you too deb…I have been catholic for about 20 years but I wanted to make sure I totally understood what it meant…All is forgiven…


Little Deb, I am going to ask the mod to research her original post she edited.

My original response is not showing either!!!

Thank God you can cast judgement on me when you dont know the facts!

The OP is a fraud.

And I am willing to prove it even if this has to go to the higher ups.
And that would be the tech personnel, and she can not lie to them.


Listen to me Damascus…I am new to this website…I put my thread under the water cooler first and then AFTER I searched the site some more I saw where I could put it under the eucharist category…I do have a 19 year old daughter that came home from college 2 weeks ago to tell me she is pregnant and not that it is ANY of your business but we are wondering about the eucharist…Think about this for a minute what would I have to gain in life by lying on this site??? I needed help and answers by nice people and I have only had accusing comments from you …who exactly do you think you are? I didn’t know there was a thread police on the Catholic web site…good day


You are a fraud.

I know what I responded to. You are lying to me now.

How did I know you have a 19 year old daughter?

I never saw your other post you made on this matter–

And tech support can prove I did not!

What kind of a person are you?

They know what we do and what we post.

Are you that naive? Or are you something else?

You got my response in an e-mail and you edited your post when you saw my response-

Come on now.

You did not like what I had to say and you edited your OP. Now you sound like mother of the year . Thanks to your editing!


Creekmore, I think that if you ask your question to a priest or a bishop, both of them will say that if the girl received the remission of her sins through confession, she is in a state of grace or fully loved by the Lord. Priests have been anointed to speak in the name of Jesus and say the words: “Your sins are forgiven.” I see it like this…
A soldier going to battle is badly wounded. He is brought to the hospital. He gets healed. His wounds still show the bad event he went through but his healed scars show the power of the healer and of the medecine so well that the fight turns to glory.
I personnally think that your daughter who went to confession must believe in the power of the words of the sacrament of reconciliation, in the power of her prayers and if she is admitted to the Eucharist by the priest, moreover in the power of the Eucharist because through it Jesus takes away the sins of the world.
Her state of grace is real when she really believes in what has been given to her by Jesus through the sacraments. This state of grace will show nice fruits when she, bearing the appearance of her sin, will bear that cross with a Holy Spirit. The holy way of bearing all the consequences of her sin will give glory to God. She will educate the child in faith and love. God Bless.


This is the first e-mail that i got about this subject and you started asking me crazy questions right off the bat.
What difference does it make to you about where my daughter was living??? As i said…Who do you think you are???you are judging me off of 1 question I had…You need to GET OVER IT!!!

Hello creekmore,


Damascus has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Pregnant Teenager - in the Back Fence forum of Catholic Answers Forums.

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Oh my. Your concern is the Eucharist ----

Well thank you for your concern over the body and blood of Christ…

Umm, if you dont mind me asking you this (and you will) where were she living when pregnant?

If she was living with you - this would not make sense to ask this now.

If she was not living with you- did she leave her home by her own free will?

If not did you or your spouse kick her out?

If she left of her own free will – then why the heck are you still trying to control her outside of your home?

You dont sound like a sincere parent to me.

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Yes, of course. She has confessed the fonrication and been absolved I would assume and is not continuing to act in an inappropriate or immoral manner.


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