Pregnancy loss boosts drug abuse, mood disorder risks: study

Pregnancy loss boosts drug abuse, mood disorder risks: study

[Young women who have lost a pregnancy through abortion or miscarriage have an increased risk for substance abuse or developing a mood disorder in later life, according to an Australian study.

The Mater-University of Queensland study of pregnancy and its outcomes, involving 1,223 women, found young women who had a miscarriage before the age of 21 years were more than twice as likely to abuse illicit drugs (excluding cannabis) compared to those who had never been pregnant.

The study, which appears in the British Journal of Psychiatry, also showed that having an abortion before 21 years of age doubled the risk of alcohol abuse or of developing depression, and more than tripled the risk of illicit drug use.](“”)

Finally, the mainstream media and scientists will admit this!

I just posted about this too. Sorry I didn’t see your post first.

Victoria has just recently passed laws to make abortion more available.

Of course, this is not a good enough reason to use artificial birth control or even natural family planning to prevent a pregnancy.

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