Pregnancy question


This is a little complex, I hope I can explain it right.

My cycles are shorter than average at 24-26 days. Luteal phase is around 12-13 days, and I have period for 4 days at most.

DH and I had romantic vacation and had relations during period (wouldn’t you know romantic weekend would fall on that date) which started Sept 1 and lasted all weekend.

So as of today and last 3 days, I’m supposed to be in fertile time. I have no indication of fertile CM, in fact would consider dry, or sticky. But I have been having mild cramping (not like menstrual cramps). I would describe them as more intense ovulation pain for those who experience that sensation. But rather than a day of this pain, I’ve had this for the last 6 or 7 days.


It is possible that if we had relations at the end of my period (Sept 4) and I ovulated a couple days early for some reason… there is a chance that I could be pregnant statistically speaking.

I did have a smear of pink blood on the tissue yesterday when I used the restroom. This could be right timing for implantation bleeding, but from my research could also be ovulatory bleeding (which I have NEVER had).

So here are my questions:

  1. Because the cycle is a little skewed in days… up to a week or more in fact, when is a good time to start testing for pregnancy.

  2. Are my calculations even correct? We recently moved, and I have not contacted local CtCL.

  3. Is the cramping normal for early pregnancy? I don’t remember experiencing this with first pregnancy… but that was almost 12 years ago.

I guess I just am looking for support too :slight_smile: This can be and exciting and scary proposition when my youngest child is preteen.



I think you’re basically just going to have to wait for a little longer to find out for sure what’s going on :slight_smile: I experienced mild menstrual-like cramps in the early stages of both of my pregnancies, and some of my friends did too. I think they have pregnancy tests available that will pick up on the hormone in your urine 3-5 days before your period is supposed to start. So that would be Sept. 21-23. Blood tests could detect pregnancy even this early in your cycle, but they’re usually expensive (at least in the USA). Good luck! And you might want to re-post this in the parenting forum for more responses and advice. I haven’t needed NFP for over 2 years now and am getting a bit rusty :o


I get cramping very early in pregnancy and it gets significantly worse with each pregnancy. This time hurt like heck.

I think it’s possible you could be pregnant. With your short cycles, I believe there aren’t any safe days on your period, you can’t go by the “6 day rule”.

I would go ahead and try a pg test. If the spotting was from implantation, then the hormones may be high enough to detect by now.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Hi, Nim,

I have a 26-day cycle but I typically ovulate on CD-10, “earlier” than the average. I got positive tests at 9 dpo (days past ovulation) using the “early detection” test (I think it was EPT?).

If your CD-1 was September 1st, then it might be a bit early to test…you’re at CD-15 right now so if you ovulated, you might be anywhere from 1-5 dpo, maybe. Stress (good or bad stress) doesn’t usually speed up ovulation - if anything, it can delay it a bit. Typically HPTs can detect as early as 7dpo (though not many!) and most are more reliable at 10+ dpo.

There’s a website with a lot of fertility awareness material available - it may offer you better info/insight. It’s called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”, based on the book by Toni Wechsler (I think that’s how you spell it…). It’s great for all aspects of natural fertility awareness!

The site also offers pregnancy resources!

Good luck!


Thanks so much for all the replies. In all the online research I was only able to find calculators and advice based on ‘normal’ cycles and on cycles where ovulation happens on day 15 or later.

It was confusing to take the info and adjust it for my own cycle, especially since conception might have taken place anywhere from cd7 to present… (Today is my normal day for ovulation.)

Thanks for the help ladies. Any other comments are welcome!


I always had cramping associated with implantation when I got pregnant… I remember it being pretty painful with both pregnancies…

Implantation can also cause a little spotting as well… did you notice any spotting on those days?

God bless and good luck!


Yes, as recap

period CD1-CD4

predicted (after 59 charted cycles) ovulation on CD14

predicted next period for CD27

Normally very regular.

Had relations CD1-4

started experiencing cramping CD9- getting steadily more uncomfortable

pink blood smear on tissue (one time) CD13

no indication of fertile CM either dry or sticky at all this month.


I would say just pray and wait. We tried for 5 months before becoming pg. Every month I went though the same thoughts. It will drive you mad!

Just pray and wait. And try to think of something else.


Couldn’t wait any longer, and took an hpt last night. Showed negative, but I’ll wait until late this week to take another.

I’m trying not to let it all go to my head, so I don’t have phantom symptoms!

Yes, a lot of prayer is warranted here. I’d appreciate all those who look upon this thread to say a little one that God’s Will be done in this situation.




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